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David Dobrik Wiki-Bio: Net worth, Height, Age, Movies, Parents

Image of David Dobrik Wiki-Bio: Net worth, Height, Age, Movies, Parents

David Dobrik is a well-renowned social media personality. Dobrik also has massive support in his career, especially on YouTube. He used to feature in Vines before shifting his vlogging venture to YouTube.

Know David Dobrik Net Worth here. Also, read on to find David’s Height, Age, and Parents in the wiki-bio.

Vlogging has been one of the most iconic points of his career. He has a unique and admirable sense of humor that makes him stand out from the rest of the vloggers.

David Dobrik Net Worth, House, and Merch.

Dobrik owns a very luxurious house in Los Angeles, California. David displays the admirable features of this house in his popular vlog.

Image of David Dobrik house
David Dobrik house

Youtuber David Dobrik Net Worth is $20 Million. The house was purchased back in 2017. Times have changed, and the home has undergone a tremendous transformation.

The luxurious home is situated on the California hills. In this place, most celebrities dwell and enjoy living.

To spice it up, his fellow Vloggers, who are some of his closest friends, also feature in this house during the Vlogging.

The house has four bedrooms and four bathrooms, which have unique interior designs. His house is a modern Mediterranean single Storey home.

The home consists of 2900sq feet of living space.

The house has accessories of high-quality ranging from the furniture and the cabinets. The most amazing feature that probably shows David purchased the house is the ample outside space.

Back in 2017, the house did not have a pool. Currently, the pool was fixed making the home of this young YouTube personality a dream home. The house is estimated to have cost $2.5 million.

Since the beginning of his career, David has numerous sources of income. This begins with YouTube, which surely pays him pretty much. Besides YouTube, David has over 6 million followers on Instagram.

He earns a good amount of money from this. Dobrik also has more than 2 million followers on Twitter.

Image of Youtuber, David Dobrik
Youtuber, David Dobrik

Apart from these ventures, David also sells some merchandise. His merch is sold in the most known online shops like Amazon.

He has some of the best clothing brands which seem to pay off pretty well. The list ranges from hats to shorts to hoodies and many more.

His new merch, the “clickbait” gym shorts, has gained a lot of fame, and the merch is selling out fast. David is known to wear black in most of his videos and when he attends events.

The merch ranges from all type of shirts, jackets, pants, and sweaters. These are found in all sizes for both kids and adults. To add to that, David also sells backpacks and phone cases.

David Dobrik wiki reveals that his merch is selling fast, and if you want one, you can visit your local online shops or log in to Amazon for a worldwide online market. This is suitable for people who would want the merch but are not close nearby.

Career info, Movies that gave David Dobrik $20 Million Net Worth.

David began his massive career back in 2013. He first took to social media through Vines. Back then, it was a very popular platform for teens mostly to upload six-second video clips. Dobrik made his first video on April 3, 2013.

By 2015, David made a significant hit when he posted a short drama called an interrogation. From there on he began to improve and continued posting his skills about his skits and life.

He has worked with popular Viners like Amanda Cerny, who made a move through the years. Other Viners like Gabrielle Hanna, Brandon Cavillo and Alex Ernst.

Image of David Dobrik with The Vlog Squad
David Dobrik with The Vlog Squad

Youtuber David Dobrik was the mastermind behind the creation of The Vlog Squad. Other people who featured in his Vines videos include Jason Nash and Liza Koshy.

Apart from the Vlog Squad, Dobrik has his main channel that has over 11 million subscribers. His channel has hit over 4 billion streams, while The Vlog Squad channel has over 370 million views.

The Vlog Squad has over 4 million subscribers.

Fron David Dorbik wiki he is known to have high-energy videos that he posts 3 days a week. Currently, he does two videos per week.

In 2017, David was awarded the best vlogger award at the ninth Shorty awards; Dobrik won as the first person at the Streamy award a year later.

The Vlog Squad was not left behind. They lead in the Ensemble Cast under the name David’s vlog.

The vlog team is a very wonderful team that David has collaborated with. The members are close friends of Dobrik. Alex Ernst is known to be a serious friend. He cares very gently for his bunny and is famously known for his deadpan humor.

Jason Nash is the father figure of the squad. Before joining the squad, Nash was a standup comedian. Scotty sire is known to have a weird sense of humor.

He has started a podcast with David, and it is doing well currently.

In the vlog squad Vines, Scott always makes jokes of him wanting to die; hence he is recognized as the sad friend. Josh Peck who was once a Nickelodeon child star in Drake is referred mostly as the celebrity friend.

He also has other friends like Jonah, Todd, Zane Hijazi and many more who feature in his videos.

In his line of work, he has one major hit or prank as I would put it. When his friends are out of town, David Dobrik steals the opportunity to paint their houses.

The photos mostly include Dobrik and the rest of the squad. He also has one major vlog that has been so far ranked the best. It was about surprising his friends with new cars.

The video was the first to beat the 4 minutes’ time for his Vines, and it featured dances, a montage, and numerous surprises.

David aspired to venture in movies after releasing his 420th vlog on YouTube. He appeared in ADHD a recent podcast opened by the famous musician/actor Travis Mills.

Dobrik first gave an irrelevant reason as to why he was quitting in Vlogging. To him, he thought he had reached a climax in his Vlogging career.

He told Travis that he was leaving to avoid making his videos irrelevant.

David just thought that people would lose interest in him. Another reason is that he wanted to feature in an upcoming Netflix series.

The title of the series would be David’s frat house. Netflix did not feature him.

Netflix believed that such a YouTube star could not feature a viable sequence. He was just not compatible with acting in the series.

Image of David Dobrik from FML movie
David Dobrik from FML movie

Apart from the Netflix issues, David Dobrik has acted in two movies. FML  is the first movie and was released on October 11, 2016. The film was all about a middle age comedian and a teen embarking on reaching a million followers.

Jason Nash directed it. Another movie is the Airplane Mode and was released back in 2017. It featured famous vloggers like Amanda Cerny, Logan Paul and David himself. Dylan Trussell and David Dinetz directed it.

These are all sources of income to add in David Dobrik’s $20 Million Net Worth.

David Dobrik family: Parents, Siblings

Their names do not know David’s parents. At one time, David posted a video of his dad on his Youtube channel. Dobrik surprised him with his dream car, a BMW M2.

On June 23, 1996, he was born in Kosice, Slovakia and was raised in Chicago, Illinois. He attended Vernon Hills Excessive College in Chicago. The mother’s details are not known.

Image of David Dobrik with his parents
David Dobrik with his parents

It’s sad but it’s true, not even David Dobrik Wiki info can reveal more info about his parents.

David has 3 siblings, Toby Dobrik, Sara Dobrik, and Ester Dobrik. Sarah was born on August 5, 2006, currently age 17.

Ester was born on March 4, 2004, in Chicago, Illinois. Previously, she had a YouTube channel called simple Ester. She created a musical account hatch that included lip-sy, gymnastics content, and dance.

Image of David Dobrik with his siblings
David Dobrik with his siblings

Toby Dobrik details are not known that much. He has rarely been spotted in David’s videos. David has also posted pictures of Toby on his posts.

Toby is estimated to be 14 years old. The family lives a very private life. Not much is known about them, but one thing for sure is that they are close to each other.

David Dobrik relationship status/ History

Enough about David Dobrik Net Worth and his parents, now let’s see his love life.

David dated her close friend Liza Koshy from 2015. There had been no rumors of scandals or fights between the two, but they recently broke up on June 2018. They broke up in a video which was posted on David’s channel.

Image of David Dobrik is currently single
David Dobrik is currently single

They still make Vines and vlogs together. Liza and David are very hopeful that they will get back together again one time. Another reason for the end of the relationship was mostly based on their career.

They agreed that their career and pressure from their fame contributed to their breakup. Liza felt like they were living separate lives, but no one was yet to come to terms with it.

Liza added that they did not do anything to each other to cause a breakup. In conclusion, they all said that they had a lot of learning, growth, and development to do.

Liza posted an artistic photo on Instagram of them not breaking up out of bad terms. She also had a long caption to top up the artistic photo.

Quick facts about David Dobrik

  • Where is he from? Where does he live now?

David Dobrik is from Kosice. He was born there. Currently, he is situated in Los Angeles where he bought his house back in 2017. Dobrik is an American by nationality. He was an illegal immigrant, and he was allowed to live in America under Defense Action for Childhood Arrivals(DACA).

  • How old is David Dobrik? Know his age and Birthdate

Dobrik was born on July 23, 1996. Currently, he is 27 years old.

  • Where was David Dobrik born?

David was born in Kosice, Slovakia. It is a significant country in Western Europe. Poland to the North, Ukraine to the East, and Hungary to the country’s southern border.

The government is seen to face economic and corruption problems. This may be a reason why his family ran to the US to look for greener pastures.

  • David Dobrik Height: How tall is David Dobrik?

David is approximated to have a height of 1.78M.

Image of David Dobrik height is 5 feet 9 inches
David Dobrik height is 5 feet 9 inches
  • How much is David Dobrik worth?

David began from humble beginnings and is currently living his dream. He is a You tuber, an actor, and has his brands. David has numerous platforms where he makes money, a big amount of money. All these investments sum up to a net worth of $20 million.

David Dobrik Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Family, Biography & More - TheWikiFeed

Did David Dobrik get deported?

When President Donald Trump came to power, He wanted to abolish the DACA program. The president pushed Congress to pass a replacement. David was at risk when his DACA was to expire.

The program did not protect David alone but over 800,000 immigrants who were at the risk of deportation. David Dobrek took to Twitter to complain of how he had paid over $400,000 of tax in that year only to receive deportation.

During that year, he would miss out the VidCon Australia because the president banished travel documents for the people under DACA. On 2018, the supreme court rejected Trump’s appeal to review the DACA case.

This was a huge sigh of relief for all illegal immigrants including David. It meant that DACA holders were given a chance to renew their DACA status. He is now living fine with his family back in Los Angeles.

Education life of David Dobrik

David Dobrik is a high school dropout. He attended Vernon Hills High school. There he realized what he wanted to be and at that point, he began his extensive career, which has made him a great social media personality.

David Dobrik Wiki.

Date of birth June 23, 1996
Age 27
Nationality Slovakia
Occupation Youtuber
Years active 11
Marital status single
Dating single
Net worth $20 million
Education Vernon Hills High school
Height 1.78m
Siblings 3
Weight 75kg

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