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Meet Caspar Lee Girlfriend, His Age, and Net Worth.

Caspar Richard George Lee is a South African-born content creator and social media sensation. He uses his online platforms to regale fans with his remarkable brand of humor.

Caspar usually writes his scripts and even produces the resulting mini-skits. Lee’s online presence has grown exponentially ever since Yahoo news included him in the list of the top Web-savvy entrepreneurs to keep an eye on back in 2013.

Since then, Caspar has graduated as a film star with roles on projects like Spud 3. In this particular film, he got the chance to work with the fellow content creator, Troye Sivan. Let’s explore more details about Caspar Lee, including his net worth, age, and current relationship status.

Who is Caspar Lee?

Caspar Lee is an established YouTuber and actor. His channel has about 7 million subscribers to date; this comes after he established the platform on the 10th of November 2011. Nearly ten years on, his videos have collected over 781 million views.

His content does not have any particular pattern whatsoever. In one video, Caspar managed to turn a local supermarket into the set of a fast-paced zombie movie, while in another, he is part of a comical brain freeze challenge. Lee’s most popular video is titled ‘Girlfriend Pranks my Roommate.’

Caspar’s popularity eventually translated into opportunities in the world of film. As the years progressed, Lee would star in movies like the SpongeBob movie, Laid in America, and the Crew. Despite his acting career, most people still get his name wrong! This is a source of great frustration to Lee. As the credits rolled on the 2016 film Learning to Fly, you can see that the editors spelled his name wrong. They refer to him as ‘Casper’ instead of ‘Caspar.’

Age and Date of Birth.

Caspar Lee was born on April 24th, 1994, in London, United Kingdom. It means that Lee is 29 years old as of 2023. Because his birthday falls in late April, Caspar is a Taurus.

It means that some of his best character traits are his determination and stability. This is why he is good at what he does and has been at the top of the social media game for over a decade now.

A look at his social media activity

Other than YouTube, Caspar Lee is quite popular on a few different platforms. On Instagram, for example, he has a not-so-modest following of 2.4 million.

Scrolling through his posts, we learned that Caspar is proud of his South African heritage. One of his role models is the freedom fighter and human rights activist Nelson Mandela.

Caspar Lee Net worth

Akin to most content creators, Caspar makes most of his money from his YouTube Channel. It is estimated that his channel rakes in an average of $220,000 per year on ad revenue alone. This is not his only source of income, as Caspar has appeared in a handful of movies which contributed to his overall net worth.

Other than this, Caspar and a few of his colleagues also founded ‘’ The company is a family of content creators that seek to work with other creative. It also allows different content creators to work with several existing brands.

Three years since it was founded by Caspar and his business partner Ben Jeffries, the company has grown exponentially. Presently, they have offices in New York and Kiev, which generate a decent amount of income. Caspar Lee’s Net worth is $4 million.

Image of British-South African YouTuber, Caspar Lee net worth
Caption: British-South African YouTuber Caspar Lee net worth

Other companies Caspar Lee founded are Margravine Management, Charged Up, Dash Water, Proper Living, and the Creative Investment Club. Lee is additionally an ambassador for Audi motors. In March, the car company sent him an Audi E-Tron for his work with them.

Caspar Lee is Dating a Fan.

Yes, this is true. In 2018, Caspar told various news outlets that he was involved in a relationship with a fan he had met six years prior. The woman in question is Ambar Miraaj Driscol. She met Caspar in 2012, back when he was an up-and-coming YouTuber.

At the time, Ambar was a 19-year-old model who was enrolled at Exeter University. After graduating, Ambar went on to work with a modelling agency called new model. Like her boyfriend, she is also an entrepreneur. Miraaj is credited with being the founder of the Bamby collective.

Image of Caspar Lee with his girlfriend Ambar Miraaj
Caption: Caspar Lee with his girlfriend, Ambar Miraaj Driscol

A look at her Instagram handle also revealed that she and Caspar were still dating. While not as popular as Caspar, Ambar has generated a amount of buzz online. She has 277,000 followers to date. From her Instagram, we also learned that Ambar is a native of London.

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