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Autumn Calabrese Wikipedia: Net Worth, Age, Husband

Autumn Calabrese is a multitalented individual who came to the limelight. She is a fitness trainer, YouTuber, and a successful author.

Her only goal is to live a healthy life and promote a healthy lifestyle to everyone. To learn about Autumn Calabrese Wikipedia info including her net worth, marriage, age, and passion, keep reading!

Autumn Calabrese Wikipedia.

She is a vlogger who posts workout videos and a diet plan to stay in shape. Likewise, being a successful author, Autumn also publishes books that people can refer to for honing a proper way of living.

All in all, her motto in life is to work hard and be wise. Hence, one can be as fit and healthy as Autumn Calabrese with a proper routine.


Fitness mogul: Autumn Calabrese

Autumn Calabrese Wikipedia page doesn’t exist.


The fitness instructor was born on 23 September 1980. Hence, she is currently 42 years old. Likewise, her hometown is Cleveland, Ohio.

Net Worth.

For Autumn, being a single mother, making ends meet was often tricky. Nonetheless, Autumn works day and night to provide for herself and her kids. Also, setting up her own business has helped Autumn amass significant wealth.

Her primary income source is helping others get a healthy body as a fitness instructor. Apart from being one of the most popular fitness instructors, she is also a best-selling author.

Her books have also played an essential role in her wealth. Her book 21 days Fix Exercise Plan became a hit on the internet that sold hundreds of copies.

Likewise, her Fixate cookbooks have sold more than $600,000 worth of copies. So, through the sales of her books only, Autumn has accumulated a lot of wealth.

Various reports estimate that this has led to an impressive $8 million wealth. Similarly, Autumn has bought a mansion in California, which cost $6.5 million. As of now, she is living a lavish lifestyle.


Although Autumn’s career is rising, her love story is a downfall. This multimillionaire was once married to a man named Kent Guzman.

Kent is a Dallas-based restaurant manager and settled with Autumn in Dallas. Between them, there was a 12-year age gap. Nonetheless, this did not stop the two from tying the knot in 2006.

Autumn had already begun her fitness training at the time of their marriage. She had high hopes of establishing her fitness centre2. However, that all changed as she moved to Dallas with her husband. During mid-2010, Autumn found it challenging to focus on her passion.

Autumn Calabrese with  Kent Guzman

Just two years into their marriage, Autumn and Kent gave birth to their son, Dominik, in 2008. As of now, he is 15 years old. Dominik’s parents divorced when he was only three years old. However, both parents have equal custody of their children.

However, Autumn’s son spent most of his childhood with his mother in Los Angeles. However, since Kent was in Dallas and Autumn was frequently busy with work, she hired a nanny to look after Dominik.


Things started to get a bit sour in the later stages of their married life. It turns out that Autumn’s ex-husband did not want his wife to work as a fitness trainer.

Moreover, Autumn claims that her husband did not support establishing her business. Most importantly, Autumn parted ways with Kent due to differences in their thinking. Hence, this led to their divorce in 2011, just five years after marriage.

Instead of remaining idle, Autumn took the risk of following her passion, even if it meant getting a divorce from her husband. She left Dallas with her son and moved to Los Angeles.

Autum Calabrese for Forbes

Though Autumn and Kent went their separate ways and are still on good terms with each other, Kent was in mutual agreement with his wife while divorcing her.

At the moment, both are busy in their respective profession. Also, Autumn had ample amount of time to set up her business and manifest her million-dollar idea into reality.

Some reports suggest that Kent is also working as his ex-wife’s assistant.

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