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Tyler1 Net Worth 2023, Height, Girlfriend Macaiyla, Head, Dent.

Image of Tyler1 Net Worth 2020, Height, Girlfriend.

Tyler1 is a 28  years old American online gamer YouTube celebrity. He is famous for his prowess in playing online games that he streams on Twitch, where he has 4.8 million followers.

Tyler joined YouTube when he was 19, and after quitting University studies to concentrate on online gaming fully.

Six years later, he has made tremendous achievements, including massive online recognition and in terms of wealth. He has 2.34 million subscribers on YouTube, with more than 340 million views.

This article will focus on how much his career has impacted his personal life. At the end of it, you will also learn about his current marital status and whether he has any children.

Tyler1 Net Worth: $4.3 Million.

He has played ‘League of Legends under Riot Games for more than five years and once hosted his self-funded tournament. All these games are streamed live on Twitch and YouTube, where he has a mass following, eventually earning him a reasonable sum of money.

Besides his earnings from games, Tyler also sells merchandise, including clothes, hoodies, mugs, phone covers that are all customized, and workout supplements named ‘Blood Rush (he is a workout maniac).

Image of Youtube celebrity, Tyler1 net worth

Caption: Youtube celebrity, Tyler1 net worth

Tyler works so hard to increase his influence online, gaming for many hours and uploading a video or two daily. He has also tried to get controversial to get more clout.

He is fond of using informal words, and some of that inappropriate behaviour got him banned from playing for bullying other players and his Twitter account getting suspended. He created another one and has learned to tame his tongue.

Tyler1’s $4.3 million net worth is income from Twitch, endorsement, merch, and sponsored ads. From his YouTube channel Tyler1 alone, he has made at least $1.5 million as of 2023.

How tall is Tyler1?

Tyler is a relatively short man. He is around 5 feet, six inches tall. Being that short, he has built his body by lifting weights and eating a proper diet, and the result is a well-built, sporty body with visible biceps and triceps.

Tyler1 is married to Macaiyla.

Tyler1 is married to his longtime girlfriend, online celebrity Makayla, whom she met online. The two made their relationship open in November 2016.

They live together in Tyler1’s house deep in the villages of Missouri. Their home is two hours from Kansas City, and Tyler enjoys a daily 40 minutes’ drive to the gym.

Tyler has shared the address of their house, and his fans and followers are free to send them ‘things’ which include gifts and donations. They have lived together for more than two years but are neither married nor engaged.

On April 1 (Fools Day), Tyler1 mentioned that his wife Macaiyla was pregnant, and Tyler2 was on his way. It turned out that he fooled his followers; Macaiyla was never pregnant. They don’t have any children yet, but she once confessed that she plans to have three children of her own and adopt two more.

Macaiyla is a 25-year-old Instagram model and online gamer from New York. She is also famous on Twitch with 296K followers. Doing business management was kind, taking too long for her. She also abandoned her university studies to concentrate on her online life fully.

Macaiyla has spent all her life around gaming but seems to have paced down in the recent past. She has settled to be a babysitter and housekeeper for Tyler1, who spends all his time in gaming or sleeping.

Image of Tyler1 with his girlfriend Macaiyla

Caption: Tyler1 with his girlfriend Macaiyla

The fact is, Tyler1’s wife Macaiyla is not just a housewife, as so many people say, but works as a manager for one online gamer known as Lsxyz9. She does not like living in the countryside and is hoping to move to a more urban place, but she is scared of cities known for racism like Texas.

Does Tyler1 have autism?

Due to his aggressive behaviour, some can argue that probably it’s because of autism. Tyler is known to have swift mood swings and reacts so quickly. In the video, there are many instances where he shouts for his wife, and the whole scene looks scary.

He also likes working out and has a well-built masculine body. Some say he lifts weights to suppress the autistic attacks.

After observing his fans’ level of curiosity about this condition, he decided to clarify the whole ordeal by doing a test and sharing the result with his viewers. According to the video, he is not autistic.

Tyler1 Unusual Head Shape is the subject of gossip

Tyler1’s head shape is one of its kind. Its uniqueness makes it easy to observe. It is big but proportionate to the face. The head looks like it has dents. Some have rumored that he got the indentations as a result of having his headphones for long.

That is utterly untrue. The fact is, he does not have a dent. The shape of the head is one thing very many people do not have influence over. As long it does not bother Tyler1, let those who dislike him make a more funny meme about his head.


Tyler has shared that he has one sibling, a brother named Eric. He has not given much about him other than his name. He may be his only sibling, or there could be more. Tyler has not shared much information for public consumption when it comes to his family lineage. when it comes to his family lineage

Image of Tyler1 with his brother Eric

Caption: Tyler1 with his brother Eric

Where is Tyler1 from?

Tyler Steinkamp, alias Tyler1, was born on March 6, 1995, in Missouri, USA. He possesses American nationality by birth. He is currently 28 years old, and his zodiac sign is Pisces.

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