What Is Syndicate Projects ‘Tom Cassell’s ‘ Net Worth In 2017

Tom Cassell

In this article, you will find information about Tom Cassell who is usually called syndicate. His net worth in 2017, cars, houses, a number of subscribers on his YouTube channel and his top 5 most viewed videos.

Syndicate Projects Tom Cassell’s net worth

Cassell’s net worth has increased as of 2017. He has a net worth that is over $4 million dollars which are equivalent to £3 million. In 2015 he had a net worth of $3 million dollars. As of 2017, it has increased. These numbers come from his highly rated YouTube channel with over 10 million subscribers and other merchandises he is involved. Cassell is also a noted merchandiser. His fans are usually buying commodities from him.

Tom Cassell's Net worth is huge

Tom Cassell’s Net Worth

YouTube Channel as the Main source of income for Tom Cassel’s Net worth.

Tom George Cassell’s YouTube channel also known as ‘The Syndicate Project’ is one of the most viewed channels on the platform. He started this channel in September 2010. Cassell is famous for playing games in his room and posting them on YouTube. In these videos, he comes on as a commentator while playing these games. Most of his follower’s started following him after he posted the series ‘Black Ops Zombies’ in 2011.

Caption: Tom Cassell’s tutorial video on “Black Ops 2 Zombies”

By August 2014 he had more than one million followers on his YouTube channel, he was the first person to have such a huge number of follower’s on the website. As of 2017, he has 2.4 million followers on ‘The Syndicate Project’. However, he has changed the YouTube Channel’s name to Twitch TV.

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Cassell also has another YouTube channel which he has limited to only personal information of himself. This channel covers his family, his visits to the zoo and basically what he does on a daily basis. He is always featuring his family members on this channel. He has a sister by the name of Alice and his parents are divorced.

The ‘Life of Tom’ YouTube Channel was previously known as ‘Syndicate Central’, it mainly consists of his vlogs about what he does for fun. As of 2017, the Life of Tom channel has over 2.5 million subscribers. In total Cassell has over 10 million subscribers with 1.9 billion viewers on both channels.

Since he began, he has uploaded 3,232 videos. The top five most viewed videos are ‘Grand Theft Auto 5, GTA V, GREEN SCREEN GHOST PRANK!, Black Ops Zombies 2 and Black Ops Zombies 1.

Though Like most Youtuber’s Google’s ads on his youtube channel is the main income to Tom Cassel’s Net worth, he also has some other sources of income including Endorsements and Sponsors advertisement.

Other Services of Income Including Endorsement Sponsorship

In 2013, Tom Cassell was hired by Microsoft to advertise and promote their brand new Xbox One Console in 2013. He was given $30,000 dollars to it. Apart from being vice president of CSGOLotto.com which is a gambling website, Cassell has a clothing line called ‘Syndicate Original’. Tom Cassell is not only a YouTuber but also a businessman.

House and Car’s

Tom Cassells information about what cars he drives is not available yet. However, Tom is said to stay with his grandfather because his parents are actually divorced. He also visits his parent’s house from time to time.

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