Shanna Riley Bio: What is Roman Atwood Ex-Wife, Mother of Noah doing after divorce?

Roman Atwoods ex-wife Shanna Riley

After a bitter divorce that went viral on the internet most of us actually wonder about what Shanna Riley has been up to. Here is a short article on Roman Atwood’s ex-wife Shanna Riley.

Shanna Janette Riley Atwood’s married life with Roman Atwood

Roman Atwood and ex-wife Shanna Riley dated in the 90’s.After graduating from high school, Atwood married his first wife on 17th November 2001. They are said to have been much in love with each other when they got married. In 2004 on 18th October, they welcomed into this world their son Noah Atwood.

Roman being a Vlogger, made plenty of videos with his family appearing once a while. However, in 2008 Atwood filed for divorce against his ex-wife after discovering that she had allegedly cheated on him while he was away on vacation. This did create a wide cleft behind the two former spouses.

Why did they divorce?

With reference to the aforementioned, Riley apparently cheated on Atwood with a colleague of his who happened to be a producer. This producer was known to be a close friend to both of them. After learning of this infidelity on Riley’s part, Roman filed for a divorce. In addition, this divorce process was not a pretty ride.

Roman took it to social media by posting on twitter that his ex-wife Riley was a bitch. Reports said that this was because Shanna Riley had filed a court order on Atwood that he should cease from using their son Noah as a means of gaining more money via internet posting. Their divorce was officialized in 2010 and Atwood won child custody of Noah while Shanna got Christmas holidays.

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Currently, RomanAtwood is dating a new girlfriend Brittney Smith.

Roman Atwood and Ex-Wife Shanna Riley have 2 kids together

Actually no, Roman Atwood and Shanna Riley his ex-wife only have one child together and not two. Their son is Noah Atwood. The second son of Atwood, he had him with Brittney Smith. During the processing of his divorce from Riley, Roman dated 18 years old Brittney Smith who conceived their son Kane Atwood on 23rd October 2011. Roman applauds Smith of being a good sort of stepmother to Noah.

Beautiful Family Picture of Roman Atwood his wife and Noah Atwood

Shanna Riley’s ex-husband Roman Atwood and Noah Atwood

Source: Twitter

Shanna Riley Short bio

Shanna Janette Riley was born on 21st February 1983, Utah, U.S.A. She is said to have attended high school but the name of the school is unknown. She moved to Ohio after marrying Roman Atwood. They got married on 17th November 2001. She later got divorced from her husband in 2008.

Concerning Riley’s career, it remains unknown. Shanna Riley is known and only seen through her ex-husband’s video’s on YouTube which he posted when they were together. All other information remains unavailable. And whether she got married to the producer she cheated with, it is equally not known.

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