Ryan Higa (Nigahiga) Net Worth, Age, Height, Family

Image of Ryan Higa (Nigahiga) Net Worth, Age, Height, Family

Celebrities come into the limelight for various reasons. Part of the activities that make them steal the show includes their unique roles and participation in music, movies, and comedy. Ryan Higa is no exception. Let’s take a look at the multi-talented star.

Ryan Higa the Vlogger

Ryan Higa is a Youtube personality who goes by the name ‘Nigahiga’. He is an American with Japanese origins. Ryan Higa’s channel has over 21 million subscribers.

In most of his posts, the star is seen acting with his close friend, Sean Fujiyoshi. They started the channel together back in 2006. His YouTube videos are hilarious; the most popular being the “How to be series” where he cosplayed a ninja, nerd, and gangster. Initially, the two used to lip-sync to songs of famous musicians.

Image of Youtuber, Ryan Higa

Youtuber, Ryan Higa

Ryan Higa is a naturally gifted comedian. The YouTuber also does most of the donkey work in the production of his videos. Besides production, he writes, directs and acts in his own videos. Some of the videos have featured guest appearances from other personalities such as Kyle Chun, Tim Enos, Tarynn Nago, and Ryan Villaruel.

The internet sensation also has a second YouTube channel, Higa TV. This channel displays all the behind the scenes activities that take place on his primary channel.  Who would have thought comedy videos could be such a hit? The content maker’s primary YouTube channel skyrocketed to 3 million views within a short span of time. This made him one of the most highly subscribed YouTubers on the internet. His channel is the most subscribed and went through a record-breaking subscription of 677 consecutive days from 2009 to 2011.

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Ryan Higa has also featured in Magazines like Variety, where he took the second spot in #Famechangers ranking of Digital stars in 2015.

Ryan Higa net worth is $10 Million.

With the kind of huge following he commands on YouTube, it’s safe to say that his net worth must be relatively high. Given the number of fans, his main channel, nigahiga rakes in a good amount of money as a YouTuber.

Image of Comedian Ryan Higa net worth is currently not available

Comedian Ryan Higa net worth is currently not available

As of 2019, the channel could wreck in $3000 per day. With the ever-growing number of subscribers, this figure is most likely to continue rising. Roughly, this translates to $1 million annually. Besides advertising, Ryan also makes money from Google preferred.

Ryan Higa’s Net Worth is $10 Million.

In this program, companies look for YouTube channels/videos that have popular content and use them for target ads. This rakes in more money than the normal YouTube advertisement. Ryan also has a second YouTube channel, HigaTV. The channel has amassed 5 million followers. It’s estimated that the site rakes in $42000 a year.

The star’s YouTube success curved a path for him to Hollywood. He has taken part in several independent films. The actor featured in a film along with his co-partner, Sean. It was produced by Richard Van Fleet, an LA producer. The film titled Ryan and Sean’s not so excellent, was released in 2008. It was an instant hit, achieving significant buzz in California and Hawaii.

This was neither the first nor last film he would feature in. The YouTuber also appeared in the TV series, Electric Spoofaloo that was released in 2009. He has also made several guest appearances on Smosh, Youtubers react, Tabletop and Internet Icon 2, just to mention a few.

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2016 saw the rising actor star in the horror movie, Tell Me How I Die alongside Kirby Blanton, Virginia Gardner, and Nathan Kress.

All these movies ventures also have increased Ryan Higa’s Net Worth.

Ryan Higa Early life, Education and family

Ryan is the second born in his family and has an older sibling by the name of Kyle. The YouTuber’s early life saw him take part in Judo and wrestling while at Waiakea High. For Judo, he rose up to the rank of a black belt rank. This was remarkable, especially when you take into account that the actor’s mom forced him into it.

Image of Ryan Higa with his brother Kyle Higa

Ryan Higa with his brother Kyle Higa

The celebrity had already created his YouTube channel by the time he graduated from Waiakea High in 2008.  Ryan created the channel with his close friends. They collectively came to be known as the Yabo crew. Tim Enos, Tarynn Nago, and Sean Fujiyoshi were part of this crew.

Ryan Higa would go on to study film making at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Even while in America, he continued updating his YouTube channel. Prior to pursuing film making, the star had been enrolled to pursue a major in Nuclear Medicine but apparently, his passion rested elsewhere.

About relationship status, Youtuber Ryan Higa is dating a girlfriend Arden Cho.

Ryan’s Age and Height

Ryan Higa was born in Hilo Hawaii on June 6th, 1990, to Wendell Higa and Luci Higa.

Image of Ryan Higa family Wendell Higa (father) and Luci Higa (mother) and Kyle Higa (brother)

Ryan Higa family Wendell Higa (father) and Luci Higa (mother) and Kyle Higa (brother)

This makes him 28-years-old at the moment. He stands at 1.73 meters tall.

Image of Ryan Higa height is 1.73 meters ( 5 feet 8 inches)

Ryan Higa height is 1.73 meters ( 5 feet 8 inches)

Birthdate June 6, 1990
Place of birth Hilo, Hawaii
Age 28 years
Nationality American
Residence Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S
Occupation You Tuber, Comedian, Actor
Years active 2006 – Present
Genre Comedy
Channels Nigahiga, Higa TV
Height 1.73 Meters
Siblings Kyle Higa
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