Ryan Higa And Girlfriend Arden Cho Are Flaunting Their Relationship On Social Media.

Image of Ryan Higa And Girlfriend Arden Cho Are Flaunting Their Relationship On Social Media.

Ryan Higa is a Japanese-American YouTube celebrity. His YouTube Channel is called “nigahiga.” It has over 20 million subscribers, making it one of YouTube’s most subscribed accounts. The page in question has been viewed over 3 billion times. The social media personality is also an actor and a comedian. Ryan Higa’s girlfriend, Arden Cho is an Asian-American Actress, singer, model and You-tuber.

Arden Cho And Ryan Higa Are Dating.

After ten years of speculation and rumors, Ryan Higa and Adan Cho officially announced that they were an item. The news came in the wake of the 5th episode of Ryan’s podcast series,  “off the pill.”

The actor revealed that they had chosen to keep their relationship secret for a while as they did not want the attention that would come with the revelation. It could cause a lot of interference and even put their relationship under unnecessary pressure. It seems that the couple tried to fool us all for some time.

With so many cute photos on their social media dating months back, Ryan Higa said that people already suspected they were dating. They were only waiting for the announcement. The couple went on a Valentine dinner at a quiet Brazilian steak place.

Image of Ryan Higa with his girlfriend Arden Cho

Ryan Higa with his girlfriend Arden Cho

Although the You-tuber is five years younger than his girlfriend, the couple seems, without the shadow of a doubt, to be in love. You can easily sense the strong chemistry by just pouring through their photos online.

 Who is Ryan Higa (nigahiga)Girlfriend Arden Cho?

Arden Lim Cho is an Asian-American Actress, producer, model, singer, and a YouTuber. She was born on the 16th of August, 1985 in Amarillo, Texas. This makes the actress 33 years old presently. Her parents moved to Dallas and later Minnesota where she spent most of her early childhood and teenage years.

Image of Singer, Arden Lim Cho

Singer, Arden Lim Cho

When she was younger, Arden was often bullied and even branded an outsider because of her Asian origin. The bullying was so bad that Arden Cho was once hospitalized after an attack at her school, Apple Valley High. To keep her mind occupied, her parents enrolled the star in dance classes, spelling bees, music classes, and martial arts.

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After graduating from high school, the actress joined the University of Illinois, where she would graduate with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Due to her gorgeous looks, Arden Cho won the Miss Korean Chicago beauty Contest in 2004. She also took part in the Korean beauty pungent but had to opt out after being asked to undergo cosmetic surgery. That did not kill the star’s ambitions to be a model.

Her modeling career progressed rapidly. The aspiring model attracted some of the top beauty and fashion enterprises: Alexander McQueen, Purple fashion and Vogue, just to name a few. Some international companies like Apple also sought her services.

In 2007,  Arden traveled to Kenya where she spent some time on a humanitarian trip. On coming back, she relocated to Los Angeles where she took up a full-time job as a professional actress.

Ryan Higa Girlfriend Arden Cho TV Shows.

Arden Cho is an actress and producer best known for her role in Teen Wolf (2015), Chicago Med (2011) and The Owner List (2018)

Image of Andrena cho from Teen Wolf show

Andrena Cho from Teen Wolf show

The actress fell in love with theater during her college days, where she took a few drama classes. Ryan Higa girlfriend Andrena Cho would go on to appear on several short films, before gaining recognition after featuring on the 20th episode of ABC’s hit TV series, “Pretty Little Liars”  The actress stint in the popular show did not go unnoticed, as it would lead to another guest appearance on Mega Python vs. Gatoroid.

Arden’s breakthrough role came in 2011 when she joined the cast of the American TV Series Teen Wolf. She was cast as Kira Yukimura, a role she would excel at before she would get bumped up to the main cast. Much to the disappointment of her fans, Andrena announced through a YouTube post that she would not be part of season six of the hit show. The star hinted that she was filming a movie, The Honor list, which would premiere in 2019.

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Ryan Higa’s girlfriend is also a musician. Back in 2011, she released her first single ” I’m just a girl.” She has also collaborated with various YouTube personalities on different songs: Jason Chen, Ken Solomon, and Gerald Ko, just to mention a few.

Image of Youtubers, Adrena Cho net worth is $600,000

Youtubers, Adrena Cho net worth is $600,000

Arden Cho’s net worth is $600, 000. She has accumulated her fortune in large parts thanks to her acting career. The thespian is also a model and singer. These are also very lucrative career ventures.

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