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Rudy Mancuso’s Net Worth, Height, Age, Tattoo.

Rudy Mancuso's Net Worth, Height, Age, Tattoo.  

Rudy Mancuso is an American actor, a musician, and an internet personality. People love his work, especially his part in the movie The Keys of Christmas and the comedy series called “Drunk History.” He has been applauded for his comic projects on YouTube and Vine before.

Other than his career, most people wonder about his dating life and net worth. Thanks to his comic videos, he now boasts more than 7.52 million subscribers on YouTube and his parts in different TV series and films. His income and net worth must be impressive. So, what is he worth?

Rudy Mancuso’s Net Worth.

Being a famous YouTuber, he makes significant amounts from the videos he posts, advertisements, and endorsements. Rudy Mancuso’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million as of 2023.


Youtuber Rudy Mancuso

How old is Rundy Mancuso?

Rudy was born on 28th February 1992 to an Italian-American father and a Brazilian mother. He comes from New Jersey, US. He spent most of his childhood in New Jersey with his sister, Marianna Mancuso.

Rudy Mancuso’s Height and Measurements.

Mancuso has a height of 5 feet and 8 inches, which is shapely enough to wear a profound dressing sense.

Rudy Mancuso’s Tattoos.

Rudy Mancuso is also famously known for his incredible tattoos on his body. In this segment, you will learn more about his tattoos and why he loves them so much. He has different kinds of tattoos, as follows:

Flying birds.

He has a flying bird tattoo that is located on his right forearm. There are four birds in total that fly in a nice pattern. These blackbirds symbolize joy. They usually indicate the idea of a positive attitude or energy to the world.

Piano Tattoo.

Rudy has a piano tattoo on his right wrist as well. He is in love with music and playing the piano. So, it was obvious that he would get a piano tattoo.

Cross Tattoo.

Among all his tattoos, the one that means most to him is the Cross Tattoo. The symbol of the cross located on top of the hill is comprised of lines.

Other Tattoos of Rudy Mancuso.

Mancuso has other types of tattoos all over his body. He has written several lines on his finger that are not easy to read. Apart from these, he also has a tattoo that is spelled MUSICA, located on his left arm. This is a clear indication that Rudy Mancuso is a big fan of music.

Social Media and Activities.

Rudy has 7.52 million YouTube subscribers. He seems not to be too active on other social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Rudy Mancuso’s Wiki-Facts.

Career YouTuber


February 28, 1992




31 year




Glen Ridge, New Jersey, USA




5 Feet 8 Inches




66 kg (146 lb)


Net worth


$4 million


Relationship status


not married


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