Will Roman Atwood’s girlfriend Brittney Smith be his wife? Know more on her age

Roman Atwood with his wife Brittney Smith

Brittney Smith is a famous American social media personality. She is the girlfriend of the famed prank-star Roman Atwood.The couple has been dating for a while now. Fans want to know if they are going ever to get married. The fact they have a son together is a clue that sooner or later we might get to hear good news about their marriage. Fans would love to see Brittney as Roman Atwood’s wife; they have seen her as his girlfriend for a long time already.

Roman Atwood dating life with Girlfriend Brittney Smith

Atwood and Smith started dating in 2008 after they met at a wedding where Roman was the best man. At the time, she was working as an assistant to a dentist. Roman’s girlfriend Brittney has a picture of them on their first official date in 2009. They have been dating for nine years now, and they live together in Ohio with their children.

Roman always praises his current girlfriend for taking Noah, his son as his son, and this makes her even more special to him. Brittney is always posting videos and pictures of them all either on vacation or simply in their house.


Roman Atwood and Girlfriend Brittney Smith have a son together. Will the couple get married or at least get engaged?

If you are a fan of Roman Atwood or seen any of his YouTube videos, you will notice that Brittney is actually in most of his video’s. Roman’s girlfriend Brittney appeared in his 2013 video ‘Anniversary Prank Backfires.’ In this video, Roman pranked his girlfriend about having cheated on her. She backfired by telling him that she equally cheated on him which was a lie. Because his ex-wife Shana Riley cheated on him, Roman didn’t react to this well. However, this prank was quite funny and adorable because, in the end, she admits that she was expecting him to propose.

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Most of the comments involved sympathy towards Brittney Smith because it was close to 4 years and he hadn’t proposed yet. While others understood that probably Roman is still not yet confident enough to take another wife after being cheated on by his ex-wife. The couple seems to be so much in love and Roman’s girlfriend Brittney is seen on his vlogging channel with him most of the time.

She, however, has had a share of hater’s in the past. Most of those negative comments are from female fans of Atwood who think she is a gold digger and doesn’t love him. Nevertheless, she has stood with Roman through the thick and thin. And judging from her social media posts, she is holding her family together very well.

Additionally, they had their first son together on 23rd October 2011 who they named Kane Atwood. In 2017 July, they had their second child Cora. Everyone is anticipating the day Roman will propose to his girlfriend. We are sure his fans would love to see her as his wife in the future.

Happy Family Picture: Brittney Smith with her boyfriend and her son

Roman Atwood with his partner Brittney Smith and children

Source: Instagram

Brittney Smith age, birthday, look-alike, bio

Brittney Danelle Smith was born on 16th February 1991(age 26). She was born in Ohio and still resides there with Roman and their children. She has one sister, and the name is Veronica Smith. Her other relatives are Victoria Michelle Smith and Bryan Dayne Smith. Her phone number is private. So don’t even bother trying to get it on the internet, she is smart enough not to let anyone disturb her piracy. Brittney Smith has the height of 1.6m, and her horoscope is Aquarius.

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