RiceGum Net Worth, Salary, Merch, Real name, Age, and Height.

Image of RiceGum Net Worth, Salary, Merch, Real name, Age, and Height.

RiceGum is an internet American internet persona loved by one half of his audience and despised by the other. While he’s not generating hate on himself, the YouTuber is usually dishing it out through diss tracks. Moreover, his rap verses have got him so much attention that the recently concluded SuperBowl featured a commercial about him. Now that he’s flown under our radar, here’s everything on RiceGum’s net worth, salary, real name, age, and height.

Who is RiceGum? His Career Info

RiceGum first gained prominence into the world of YouTube as a regular gamer during his high school days in 2012. Initially, his live streams mostly consisted of Call of Duty. However, when the wave of Musical.ly (now Tik Tok) dominated the internet back in 2014, he switched up his content to address the issue.

As a result, the internet sensation came up with ‘These Kids Must Be Stopped’ series, which gained him a lot of attention. However, it was in 2017 that he spiced things up by going full on as a rapper. Rice’s track, It’s Every Night Sis was a clap back to Jack Paul’s It’s Everyday Bro.

Image of American YouTuber, RiceGum

American YouTuber, RiceGum

The song featured Alissa Violet, another YouTube sensation and went on to hit the Billboard charts coming in at position 80.

Moreover, it also reached Platinum certification by the RIAA, making him the only YouTuber to hit the Charts. Since then,  Bryan Quang Le has taken it upon himself to take down other internet personalities with diss tracks like God Church and Frick da Police.

On a different note, most people don’t realise that unlike his silly videos, the YouTuber is very bright. Case in point, RiceGum reportedly turned down a scholarship to Harvard University based on focusing on his online career.

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RiceGum Net worth.

The ‘It’s Every Night Sis’ singer’s channel currently boasts of 10.8 million subscribers and rising. Similarly, all the traffic in his site tallies to over 2 billion views. We’re no Mathematicians, but that should sum up to a very high number in his bank accounts through Google’s AdSense.

Image of American YouTuber, RiceGum net worth is $8 million

American YouTuber, RiceGum net worth is $8 million

Notably, Rice Gum’s net worth estimates to about $8 million with a salary ranging between $1.5 – 2 million annually. Like most spoilt rich kids, he’s always flaunting his exotic cars, mansions and wild parties which cost a fortune.

Moreover,  Bryan Quang Le also has two other YouTube channels, namely: RiceLive and FamilyGum. The latter features his personal life with his girlfriend while the former currently racks about 1.6 million subscribers. Lastly, sponsorship and ad campaigns all come in favour of the YouTuber’s finances and net worth.

RiceGum Merch.

The critically acclaimed YouTuber also capitalized on his fame to engage his fans on his products. You can shop online through his website to get his customized hoodies, shirts, T-shirts, backpacks, and masks. Also, don’t worry about the pricing as most of the collectables are mostly under $50.

Additionally, as an original and founding father of the clout gang, the internet sensation has something for everyone with the imprint. If you’re a teenager, then you’re in luck since his fashion sense is targeted towards the younger generation.

RiceGum real name.

Records show that RiceGum’s real name is Bryan Quang Le.

How tall is RiceGum?

The subject of height has always been a hot chapter in YouTuber’s bio. On social sites like Twitter, he claims to have a height of 6 feet 3 inches. However, in the real sense, Le stands at exactly 6 feet and weighs about 142 lbs.

Image of RiceGum height is 6 feet 3 inches

RiceGum height is 6 feet 3 inches

Image of RiceGum Net Worth, Salary, Merch, Real name, Age, and Height.

RiceGum Net Worth, Salary, Merch, Real name, Age, and Height.

How old is RiceGum? His age, birthdate.

The ‘It’s Every Night Sis’ singer falls on the younger category of YouTubers at the age of 22. RiceGum (Real name: Bryan Quang Le) was born on November 19th, 1996 in Las Vegas, Nevada and owned Scorpio as his Zodiac Sign.

To the believers, his star sign explains his quirkiness, self-awareness and magnetic confidence, which is typical of most male born sharing the star sign.

Quick Info.

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Name Bryan Quang Le
Net worth $8 million
Salary $1.5 / year.
Height 6 feet
Age 22
Birthdate November 19th, 1996.

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