Pokimane’s Net Worth 2020. Who is her Boyfriend?

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Pokimane is a Canadian born YouTuber and Twitch Streamer. She is known by the stage name ‘Pokimane’ which is coincidentally the name of her YouTube Channel as well. Pokimane has over 5 million subscribers on that platform. The most popular video on her page has about 14 million views in total. Many websites claim Pokimane’s net worth is $3 million, but it’s false. Continue reading to know her exact figure in 2020.

The Moroccan Twitch streamer is famed for her work on Fortnite and the League of Legends. Pokimane is also part of Offline Television. This is a collective of some of the most outspoken content creators in the market. Learn more about Pokimane’s private life in this review. Who is she dating? We finally have an answer for you.

Pokimane boyfriend Trend: She hasn’t yet revealed her relationship.

For a while now, Pokimane’s personal life has been the subject of a lot of attention. In fact, just a few weeks ago, the hashtag Pokimane’s boyfriend was trending.

It sparked various debates in the twitch and YouTube fandoms with people clamoring to know who her secret boyfriend was. Some people even suggested that Imane was dating fellow content creator Hasan. Things heated up after one YouTuber, in particular, took offense to what he perceived as dishonesty.

In a scathing video, YouTuber ‘LeafyisHere’ called out Pokimane for allegedly hiding her relationship. In his own words, he felt that she should be honest with her fans, some of who were under the impression that she was single. His video sent the Twitter-verse into a frenzy as people were left wondering who the secret man was.

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True to her character, Pokimane took no offense to the people criticizing her. Instead, she posed in front of a cutout picture of former American President Barrack Obama.

In what was a clear jab at the Pokimane boyfriend hashtag, Imane added the phrase ‘it’s time to go clean’ to go with the rest of the post. Her comically timed post prompted several friends and fans alike to come out claiming to be Imane’s mystery partner.

One thing is for sure though, Pokimane will not be pressured into talking about anything she doesn’t want to.

Pokimane’s Net Worth.

With about 5 million followers on twitch, it comes as no surprise that one of Pokimane’s primary sources of income stems from the very same platform. Pokimane has spent seven years building her brand on the platform. She was recently rewarded with a multi-year contract to remain on Twitch.

Surprisingly, Pokimane revealed that this was less money than she typically earned on the platform. It seems that she stayed more out of loyalty than anything. Sources close to the streamer revealed that this contract is worth a jaw-dropping $250,000 a year.

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Caption: Youtuber, Pokimane net worth

Her other income sources include fan donations, lucrative sponsorship investments, and advertisement deals. In some cases, Pokimane is even paid to stream various videos. Some reputable streamers can earn as much as $400,000 a month playing online games like Fortnite.

Pokimane definitely falls in this category. Lest we forget, Pokimane additionally runs three popular YouTube channels.

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Many websites in the internet have claimed Pokimane’s net worth to be $3 million, we are going to tell you that it’s a wrong estimate. Maybe that amount was correct a few years ago.

As of 2020, Pokimane has made more than $3 million from her one youtube Adsense alone. There’s more she earns from sponsored ads on her channel. She is involved in two more channels, from which she makes a few other millions a year. Let’s not forget Pokimane’s Merch, sponsored ads, earning from twitch. Now deducting taxes and her expenses, we have have made a new estimate.

Pokimane’s net worth currently is $7 million. Her impressive wealth has also acquired a lavish $3.5 million mansion. Just last year, she gave fans a virtual tour on her YouTube Channel.

Other than the house she owns, Pokimane revealed that she doesn’t regularly make big purchases. She revealed that the most expensive items she owned were her computers, which retail for about $3,000. Other than that, Imane also spent about $5,000 on a trip to Japan.

Pokimane Merch.

Like most streamers and social media influencers, Pokimane also jumped on the merchandising bandwagon. For a while, she sold Poki-squad t-shirts, windbreakers, vests, caps, and even sweatshirts on her personal page. Other than this, Imane also has a merch shop linked to her page. Cloak offers a wide range of merch items for her fans.

These include items like a cropped black tee that is valued at $32. You can additionally find a few other items: a hoodie, beanies, and different joggers.

Pokimane’s Real Name.

Her birth name is Imane Anys. If it sounds unfamiliar, this is because Pokimane’s family are originally descended from Morocco.

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Q& A

Where does Pokimane Live? Where is she from originally?

Imane Anys was born in Morocco, back on May 14th, 1996. Presently, she resides in Los Angeles, California.

Is Pokimane Asian?

No, Pokimane is not Asian. In regard to her ethnicity, she is Arabic.

Is Pokimane Single?

Sources say that she has a boyfriend.  However, Pokimane has never shed any light on the subject.

How old is Pokimane?

She is 24 years old.

Is Pokimane Muslim?

Yes, that is the religion she practices.

Is Pokimane Gay?

No, she is not.

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