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How Old is Lev Cameron? Height, College, Wiki.

Photo of Youtuber and dancer, Lev Cameron.

Dancers are finally beginning to gain the fame and respect they deserve, but they still have a long way to go. In the meantime, it seems that the young uprising talents in the field are taking their skills to the platform where other people their age spend the most time on; social media.

Meet Lev Cameron, a dancer, and actor taking multiple social media platforms by storm.

How old is Lev Cameron? His Bio

He was born on October 11, 2005, in France. So, he is 17 years old. Despite being born in France, Lev is an American who began dancing at 5.

His parents took him to a week of dancing lessons, but that short period was enough for Cameron to become a professional dancer. He only has the experience of professionally dancing in ballroom style.

Lev learned a great deal about other types of dancing after competing in multiple dancing shows over the year s. As of 2023, he is also training in different kinds of dancing lessons.

Is Lev Cameron in College?

Lev Cameron is studying in a local college in Los Angeles, California.


Although Lev looks pretty tall in some of his videos, we think it’s due to the camera and e. There are plenty of other TikTok stars who are taller than Lev. Lev Cameron is 171cm tall.

Lev Cameron’s Social Media & Dating Life.

Lev Cameron has quickly become a social media star similar to other young dancers like Maddie Ziegler r. He has over 1.6 million followers on his Instagram and YouTube pages. Similarly, he has over 4.9 million followers on TikTok, with almost 135.4 million likes.

Photo of Lev Cameron and his girlfriend, Piper Rockelle.
Lev Cameron is dating YouTuber Piper Rockelle.

Lev Cameron’s YouTube mostly features videos with his girlfriend, Piper Rockelle, a YouTuber with almost 6 million subscribers. The two began dating in May 2020 after Lev Cameron proposed to her a few months earlier on Valentine’s Day.

Piper was his crush for a long time before then, and she is a part of most of his videos. Fans suspect that the two were unofficially a couple for a lot longer than they have us believe.

Lev Cameron’s Dancing and Acting Career.

  1. Lev Cameron made his acting debut in 2015 with the short, ‘And the Tiara Goes To….
  2. He had several other minor roles in small projects the following year, but he stood out by appearing in Justin Timberlake’s ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling‘ music video.
  3. He continued appearing in shorts and mini-series throughout 2017 like 555, The Piano, and Evil Things.
  4. 2016 was also the year he broke through as a competitive dancer on the 13th season, ‘So You Think You Can Dance,’ where he made it to Top 30.
  5. He then appeared in NBC’s ‘Little Big Shots‘ in 2017 after appearing in the show’s promotions in The Steve Harvey Show a year earlier.
  6. Lev began to make a bigger splash with his 2018 stint in the spin-off series ‘Dancing with The Stars: Juniors, ‘ which is the series’ only season so far.
  7. He also appeared in season 27 of the main show DWTS.
  8. The 14-year-old finally got his breakthrough acting role in the 2019 drama-comedy film ‘Ham on Rye.’

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