Laura Lee Net Worth, Age, Husband, Ethnicity, Scandals

Image of Laura Lee Net Worth, Age, Husband, Ethnicity, Scandals

Laura Ann Lee is most famous for sharing her makeup tutorial videos on YouTube. She believes that beauty isn’t always a given and therefore took it upon herself to educate her followers. As a result, the YouTuber racked up an enormous stage presence on social media.  Moreover, her ultra-beauty hacks also paved the way to a fully-fledged and sustainable career. For more on Laura Lee’s net worth, age, husband, ethnicity, and scandals, stay put. We’ve got everything you need all under one roof.

Laura Lee’s income sources and Career info.

Many people know Laura from her work on two YouTube channels. Others obsessed with Instagram will also probably recognize her from there. On the other hand, her kindred and childhood friends know her as Larlar –a nickname she went by with some of her closest people. It’s safe to say that Laura Lee’s net worth is attributed to income from Youtube channel.

When Instagram began in 2010, few people knew its potential. Given a few years, Laura Lee used the app to post some of her earliest make-up videos. By 2013, her page had grown in numbers, and the time limit the app had couldn’t cut it any longer. As a result, she moved her content over to YouTube and began her channel.

Image of Make-up artist, Laura Lee

Make-up artist, Laura Lee

Consequently, Laura Lee was well on her way to fully immersing herself as a content creator. Her videos not only dealt with make-up tutorials but also reviewed tons of cosmetics. Moreover, her opinionated hacks on various merchandise were taken as the law of the land, which boosted sales on products. which means only one thing, and that is an increase in Laura Lee’s income.

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On the other hand, the negatively reviewed cosmetics suffered under her jurisdiction. To curb this, brands cut deals with the YouTuber and used her in their marketing strategies. Some have her as their ambassador launching her further into superstardom.

Laura Lee Net Worth in 2019 is $1 Million.

Like most other YouTubers, Lee had initially relied on ad revenue. However, once her channel garnered several hundred thousand subscribers and views, Brands partnered up with her.

Image of Make-up artist, Laura Lee net worth is $1 million

Make-up artist, Laura Lee net worth is $1 million

Her net worth sits behind cosmetic companies like Too Faced, Violet Voss, Mac Cosmetics, and Benefits Cosmetics. Others included Diff Eyewear, Boxycharm, and Ulta Beauty but more on these three later.

Lee’s center stage in the field also got her working on her self-made merchandise. These include lipstick shades, eyeliner palettes, and her brand. From her website, you can explore some of her best creations, including Cat’s Pajamas as well as Nudie Patootie, a type of eye shadow.

If you’re generous enough to purchase some of her work, we’ll be glad to add it on Youtuber Laura Lee’s updated net worth in time.

Laura Lee’s net worth is $1 million.

Laura Lee is Married to husband Husband Tyler Williams.

Part of the package that comes with marriage involves sharing the last name as a couple become one. However, Laura kept all her three names even after marrying her longtime boyfriend, Tyler Williams. The pair met sometime back in high school and dated for a while.

Image of Laura Lee with her husband Tyler Williams

Laura Lee with her husband Tyler Williams

Back in 2012, the two love birds took to Instagram to break the news of their engagement. Tyler is an industrial engineer who graduated in May 2014. Moreover, she only introduced her fiancé to the world in a video on July 10th, 2015 titled The Husband Tag/ Meet My Husband.

Suffice to say; the Laura Lee and husband Tyler Williams live ceremoniously in Los Angeles. There had been rumors that the YouTuber was pregnant. However, she quickly responded to them saying that if she were, she’d pull a fast one on everybody and ‘Kylie Jenner’ herself out of existence for a while.

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Laura Lee Ethnicity.

Laura Lee was born in Montgomery, Alabama, which should make her American by birth. Moreover, she is also Caucasian, which speaks more of her beauty than her personality.

Laura Lee Age, birthdate.

Lee celebrates her birthday each year on September 1st. She was born in the year 1988, which should make her age fall at precisely 30 years old.

What happened to Laura Lee? Know about her scandal.

Nowadays, a YouTube Channel works the same way as regular cable where you’d catch up with your latest drama on reality shows.

On the other hand, Laura’s isn’t so different. Back in August 2018, she released a 4-minute apology video on YouTube after racist comments dating to 2012 resurfaced.

Although the tweets are long deleted by now, we still caught wind of what she said:

“Tip for all black people if you pull ur pants up you can run from the police faster… #yourwelcome.”

The backlash she got from the video cost her over 300,000 subscribers in less than a week. Moreover, people pointed out that it wasn’t sincere at all.

As a result, her crocodile tears also got some of her partners drawing the line on their deal package. Ulta Beauty, Diff Eyewear and Boxycharm all cut her off. Guess she learned her lesson from that saga.

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