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Ian Hecox Net Worth. New Girlfriend after break up with Pamela Horton.

Ian Hecox’ Net Worth is $18 Million. Ian Hecox is an American content creator, comedian entrepreneur, and actor. He has featured in several films like the Angry Birds Movie, Ghost mate, and Part-timers.

We learned that Ian has a pension for making animated films regarding his other creative attributes. Please continue reading to know how Ian makes his money.

Like most creative, Ian does not work alone. He founded a coffee business called ‘My Favorite Coffee.’ he met his longtime comedic partner Anthony Padilla while in science class.

Who is Ian Hecox?

Ian Hecox is a YouTuber who co-founded the comedic sketch group ‘Smosh.’ They are known for their short comedy skit videos, which typically garner millions of views.

After 17 years, Smosh has accumulated more than 25 million subscribers. The channel reached an impressive 9.9 billion views. The track started on the 19th of November 2005.

Some of the most popular videos on the channel are Beef n go and Ultimate Assassin’s Creed Song 3. The two videos have 200 million views combined.

Ian Hecox’s Net Worth of $18 Million in 2023

Hecox’s coffee business is one of his primary sources of income. Most of their products are available online for purchase. The Fave blend, for example, retails for $16. Another popular product is the Cold brew, available for $30.

At the My Favorite Coffee Website, fans can also get custom mugs that retail for just $17. Because of Smosh’s popularity, most fans regularly buy these custom products. Considering that the coffee site is linked to Hecox’s Instagram account, which has a following of 1.7 million, it’s not surprising.

Image of Comedian, Ian Hecox net worth
Caption: Comedian Ian Hecox net worth

Another reliable source of income is the Smosh online store, which sells branded hoodies and t-shirts to various fans worldwide.

One of the popular products is the Smosh Tie Dye Hoodie, which you can get for just under $50. Another popular product is ‘the what’re those t-shirts’ which you can buy for $25. Ian was also part of a box office franchise back in 2016. The Angry Birds Movie grossed about $352 million worldwide on a budget of $73 million.

Back in 2017, it was reported that Hecox was on an annual salary of $7 million. Since then, his finances have only improved. Presently, Ian Hecox’s net worth stands at $18 million. This means that Ian received a nice payday for his work on the film.

Hecox’s impressive wealth has seen him acquire a fantastic car collection. His garage includes a Subaru Legacy, an Audi S3, and a 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS. He once owned a 2012 Subaru Impreza WRX STI, which was totalled by another driver who ran a red light.

Along with his comedic partner Anthony, Hecox owned a vast property in Sacramento.

Ian Hecox’s dating life and split with ex-girlfriend Pamela Horton.

Pamela Horton is quite famous in her own right. Pamela was a playboy bunny who was featured on the cover of a reputable magazine a few times.

Ian’s former girlfriend, Pamela, was born on the 4th of May 1988 in Whittier, making her 35 years old. Reports started surfacing that Pamela and Ian were dating on the 11th of September 2015.

Surprisingly, the two met after Pamela slid into Anthony’s DM. At the time, she was looking for help organizing the PlayBoy Mansion’s Game Night.

Ian took Anthony’s place at the party as his schedule opened up. This is where he met Pamela. Ian still ended the night with Pam’s number despite not enjoying the party.

Image of Ian Hecox with his ex-girlfriend Pamela
Caption: Ian Hecox with his ex-girlfriend Pamela

Ian and Pamela Horton started dating soon after a dinner and movie night. Pamela Horton had just come out of an abusive and emotional relationship at the time. It took a while to get serious, particularly after Pam confessed that she was not willing to move too fast.

Ian and Pamela kept their relationship away from the limelight for several reasons. Eventually, the two did get serious. In a past interview, Pamela said that Ian was the first person who helped her open up and talk about her feelings.

For one, Pamela was worried about being perceived as a social climber. She was worried that people would assume that she was dating Ian because he was famous.

As such, she barely featured in any of his smosh-related content. Ian shocked fans one day when he announced that he had spent Valentine’s Day alone, hinting that he was single.

Pamela and Ian are still in good times. Pam was featured in Ian’s podcast back in 2019 after their split.

In the same interview, they revealed that their breakup came after stopping communicating effectively.

Ian had grown less receptive and open. He even admitted that he did not put in the work to improve their relationship, instead choosing to focus on work and Smosh. Pamela took some blame on her part as well. She still had a few issues to sort out from her past relationships.

Ian Hecox is probably single.

The Smosh founder is currently single. After his relationship with his former girlfriend, Pamela, he decided to take some to himself to work on his issues. From the looks of his Instagram account, Ian is focusing on his work and discovering his adventurous side.

Just recently, he embarked on a hike to Big Bear Lake. Another thing that points to his life as a bachelor is that there are no pictures of him with any other girls on his social media handles.

In the podcast, he featured alongside his ex Pam, Ian all but hinted at taking some time to himself to figure things out.

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