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Harald Baldr Net Worth, Wife/Girlfriend, Wiki.

If you are a travel freak and prefer background checks from various sources then vlog the first thing you check, then Harald Baldr is the person you must know. Owning a self-titled youtube channel Baldr is a Norwegian travel vlogger who films his every step from every corner of the world.

Over the years from his first travel he has been to more than seventy countries and yet he is crossing all the possible borders and discovering new places every year.

As per sources, Baldr would say he would save the budget for traveling by cutting out expenses by doing his own hair, cutting out on partying, and preferring necessities to luxury.

After his first trip, he cut all his ties from his native land. His first travel money was from his college loan money. Being born in Oslo Norway he started his first trip in 2001 October from Thailand. Read this to know Harald Bldr Net Worth and his girlfriend

His Career Journey as a Vlogger/YouTuber.

Even being told as a school kid in the 1990s warning him against Thailand not being safe and secure he got a two-way ticket in 2002 which got him the chance to explore this beautiful Asian country. Which opened him the way to visit twenty different countries and Thailand being the highlight that had been his dream country for many years.

Youtuber Harald Bald

His videos show his interactions with people of his own as well as getting to know people from various places in the world. The main focus and attraction of his video are his natural way of connecting with every person that he interacts with within no time.

That is what makes his videos relatable and worth giving time to. Also, the other thing that his video inspires people is that he donates his income to the locals in need. 

Harald Baldr Net Worth: $1 Million.

Baldr holds the status of a tourist meaning owning some social benefits including payment of low taxes. He has been to many nations such as Vietnam, Italy, Germany, Romania, Peru, the Philippines, the United States, India, Nepal, and many more. Even in the global pandemic of 2020 amidst coronavirus crises, he was traveling through Sri Lanka. His favorite place to be is Thailand; might be because it was his first destination.

Youtuber Harald Baldr’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million as of 2023. His income mostly depends on the views his videos get on his channel. Every video he uploads gets millions of views. From the looks of it, Harald’s net worth is going to increase as he is not going to stop uploading more entertaining videos to entertain his fans.

His most viewed and loved videos include his trip to India, his fight with a copper cab, and many more. Not only does his video shows interaction and adventure but show that he is an appreciator of small business owner.

He was in the buzz when he paid $400 for a normal haircut or when he paid $100 for a cup of tea and many more. He shows various cultures, nationalities, nature of some individuals, local markets, and much more attraction of places and the way to survive in the hardest situations.

Job Career and Business.

Harald did not just travel and had fun but learned the Thai language from his visits to Thailand numerous times. There he worked as a lecturer at the University of Khon Kaen for a few years, which remains in his memory to date. Harald has also given much interesting content with English Youtuber Benjamin Rich well known as Mr. Bald from Bald and Bankrupt channel. They both traveled to India together. 

Despite appearing on Harald’s youtube channel for the first time, Benjamin aka Mr. Bald later gained a huge fan base on his own. Harald is fully devoted to his youtube channel, where he gives quality content constantly.

His channel also includes motorcycle series of his travel through various places of Asia through villages, cities, and jungles. In his words, the motorcycle series is one of his proudest achievements in his career. As of now most of their incomes are mainly dependent on his youtube channel, also from appearing on podcasts

Harald Baldr Wife/Girlfriend.

With more than 50 videos on his channel, Harlad has made thousands of fans worldwide. Fans want to know about YouTuber Harald Baldr’s wife or girlfriend. Back in 2017, he reportedly dated a Thai lady.

Due to the fact that Baldr had to keep on moving for his vlog and his girlfriend had a job that she didn’t wanna quit, they eventually had to break up.

As of 2023, Harald Baldr is neither married to a wife nor dating a girlfriend. We wait on him to reveal his new girlfriend in near future.

Youtuber Harald Baldr

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