David Dobrik Assistant Natalie Noel: Boyfriend, Wiki-Bio

The name David Dobrik is quite familiar, right? Isn’t he the famous American Youtuber? Well, let me introduce you to his beautiful assistant in his Youtube videos who goes by the name Natalie Noel. Also known as Natalie Mariduena on social media pages, Natalie finds fun in her job as an assistant to David and enjoys every bit of it.

This is evidenced by the many Instagram videos the two have featured together either as a pair or in a group of other people. They always seem to have fun and enjoy every bit of their time in the videos. Know everything about David Dobrik’s Assistant Natalie Noel.

Natalie Noel Net worth.

No sources quantify Natalie Noel’s net worth, but all along she has been working as an assistant for David Dobrik who seems to be paying her well. Also, the two have known each other for eight years dating back to their High school days.

Image of Youtubers, Natalie Noel net worth is currently not available

Youtubers, Natalie Noel net worth, is currently not available

David Dobrik sees her as an elder sister and always seeks answers and a helping hand from her. Natalie still works as David Dobrik assistant going by her Instagram pages. In David Dobrik vlog crew, Natalie is the only person in the cast who appears rather reserved and collected. However, the rest are more into comedy and cracking humor often.

Natalie Noel’s boyfriend

For most of 2017 through to 2018, Natalie Noel has been in a relationship with his long term boyfriend, Shawn Nelson. However, the two broke up for reasons only known to them. Word has it that they broke up on Valentine’s day with Natalie citing mistreatment from Shawn.

Image of Natalie Noel with her ex-boyfriend Shawn Nelson

Natalie Noel with her ex-boyfriend Shawn Nelson

As seen on Natalie’s Instagram account, the last photo they are seen together was posted on June 12, 2018, with Natalie referring to Shawn as being “so money baby” No other images are seen of them on Instagram after the one posted on June 2018. In another Instagram post that was posted on the 28th of February, this year, Natalie talks of being 22 years of age, single, nobody’s girl or boy kisser for that matter.

In a similar twist of events, her boss, David Dobrik also broke up with his girlfriend, Liza Koshy. In a video that David posted on his channel, the two love birds parted ways.

Image of David Debrok with his ex- girlfriend Liza Koshy

David Debrok with his ex-girlfriend Liza Koshy

Their break up is tied to their different career goals and pursuits. They also cited too much publicity and fame as being one of the reasons that led to their break up.

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Lately, David Dobrik and his assistant Natalie Noel have been all over Instagram featuring in many of David’s videos. Speculation is rife that the two could be dating with many of David Dobrik’s fans encouraging him to take on Natalie. The two can also be seen in David’s house occasionally, and many fans find it hard to believe that their relationship is sincerely work-related.  Only time will tell how all this unfolds.

Natalie Noel’s Education, profession and social media life

Natalie Noel went to Vernon Hills High School, the same school David Dobrik attended. This explains why they have known each other for close to 9 years.

Initially, she wanted to pursue a profession in medicine, but she later majored in psychology at Lake Forest College. While at Lake Forest, she was also active in sports and a key player in Women’s Varsity Soccer. Apart from women’s soccer, she also enjoyed being part of the Alpha Phi society.

However, deep down, Natalie wanted to be somebody else. She had this desire in her to be an event planner or have something to do with coordination or social media life.

She wouldn’t be happier working for David Dobrik as this kind of profession was the one she always yearned for. That being said, Natalie became the best thing that David needed in his Youtube endeavors and planning generally.

Social media is now abuzz with the duo, especially on Instagram and Youtube. Natalie is also very active on social media at an individual level. Her Facebook profile isn’t very busy though. She last did update her profile picture on the 29th of December 2018.

David Dobrik’s Assistant also identifies herself as Natalie Mariduena on Instagram and Twitter. On Twitter, she commands a following of 19700 people while on Instagram she has a fan base of 984, 000 followers. More than often she is always posting pics about her travels, her job with David and life in California.

David Dobrik Assistant Natalie Noel’s Family

Albeit her active social media life, Natalie has kind of chosen to keep her family life private. The far she has gone in revealing her personal life is posting pics of her boyfriend and her on her Instagram account. Not much of her family information is in the public domain.

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However, in one of her Instagram posts, she is seen with a tall lady who resembles her, and the caption goes like, “Sister is officially taller than me:( “


Natalie Noel’s age and wiki- bio

Natalie Noel was born on the 1st of December 1996. She is aged 22 years. Her birthplace is in Illinois Chicago, but she now resides in Los Angeles California. David Dobrik and Natalie Noel have been best friends when growing up.

While at Sixth grade, David Dobrik asked his now assistant Natalie whether she could join him in his vlogging activities. Natalie must have agreed to this because of the deep bond in their friendship and the fact that they had grown up together. Also, Natalie wanted to pursue a career related to event planning and social media.

Image of David Dobrik with his assistant Natalie Noel

David Dobrik with his assistant Natalie Noel

But the most plausible reason for Natalie agreeing to join David was because of a high school credit she had. And she initially decided to work for the first six months to cater for the two credits she needed to graduate.

Natalie on David’s Vlogs

Before starting his vlog on Youtube that was popularly known as the Vlog Squad in 2014, David had already begun his vlogging career on Vine with other Viners. He is considered the de facto leader of the squad and has been running his vlog together with a team of other people who include Jason Nash, Liza Koshy (former girlfriend) and Gabby Hana.

Image of David Dobrik with Natalie Noel and with their vlog squad

David Dobrik with Natalie Noel and with their vlog squad

His channel commands a following of 11 million subscribers. Behind all the effort, energy and skill to ensure a successful vlog, David runs his vlog with an assistant by the name Natalie Noel who also happens to future occasionally on his vlogs. Many Youtube personalities and celebrities have appeared on David’s show a thing that has been an added advantage on his Youtube channel in giving

In one of the vlogs, Natalie is seen listening to music on a car’s stereo system. And her crew seem to be teasing her on the kind of music she has chosen to listen to.  The vlogs are full of fun with most of them featuring many of David’s crew members. Natalie always seems to be on the receiving end of the many pranks on the video. Often, she is seen looking shocked and recovers with bouts of laughter the next minute.

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The videos are shot from different locations including David’s house, on the streets and inside a moving vehicle with David being behind the wheels most often. Some locations remain undisclosed.  In the videos, Natalie sometimes cuts the image of this laid back and cool lass amongst a bunch of hyperactive men.

On the contrary, David Dobrik Assistant’s beauty and coolness also make her appear iconic in the videos. In one of the videos, David Dobrik rubbishes the notion held by most people that he and Natalie could be dating. Things are bound to be revealed sooner or later.

It’s no secret that Natalie Noel has stuck long with David Dobrik, not because of anything else but a true lifelong friendship. In most of Dobrik’s vlogs, they both seem to sleep and wake up under one roof. At one point, Natalie, who appears to have gone somewhere for a while is welcomed back to the house with a new room kind of prepared for her.

The typical David Dobrik has a penchant for dispelling any rumors about them flying all over social media. In his casual style of doing things, David is often seen readings tweets and comments from followers and dismissing them.

One of the most common comments dismissed by them is that they have a thing going on between them. Irrespective of the many celebrities and fellow YouTubers David has managed to bring onto his vlog, let’s say his assistant Natalie Noel has been one high- value hell of a person in his vlogs and she continues to be.

Natalie Noel’s life outside Youtube

As it turns out to be, David Dobrik and Natalie don’t only hang out in Vlog Squad but have been spotted in other social events outside of Youtube. For instance, on November 15, 2018, they were both spotted in Beverly Hills, California attending the launch of NowWith, an event organized by Yahoo Lifestyle and another entity Working Sundays to celebrate Nicole Richie’s Honey Minx collection series.

Going by her Instagram posts, David Dobrik’s Assistant Natalie Noel is also fond of traveling the world.  In one of her 2017 posts, she is seen at a beach in the Dominican Republic.

Natalie Noel at a Glance

Date of birth December 6, 1996
Birthplace Illinois
Age 22 years
Nationality American
Residence Los Angeles, California
Profession David Dobrik’s Assistant, Instagram Star
Relationship status Single
Education Vernon Hills High School, Lake Forest College


Memberships Alpha Phi sorority

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