Danny Gonzales Net Worth, Merch, Wife, Married, Age

Image of Danny Gonzales Net Worth, Merch, Wife Married, Age

If you are a lover of youtube, then you must be familiar with this name Danny Gonzales. Danny Gonzales is a popular and successful you tuber. Danny was also very popular on the vine before it was shut down in 2016. It seems that the 25-year-old handsome you tuber knew from a young age that he wanted to be an online star as he started editing videos as early as when he was in grade seven

Read this to know Danny Gonzales Net Worth. Also, Meet his wife Laura.

Who Is Danny Gonzales, His Career Info?

Danny Gonzales is a young handsome American Youtube star. He was born in Illinois, Georgia in the United States of America on 12 June 1994. Danny commands a massive following on social media we can say that from a young age Danny already knew what he wanted to be in future, work online because he started editing videos when he was in grade seven.

His online career debuted in 2013 when he joined vine and posted his very first video dubbed “Target Headphones Like What’s Up” The video was a big success, this is what made him popular among his peers and encouraged him to do more videos. His vine account had amassed a massive following of 2.8 million followers. Unfortunately, it was shut down in 2016.

On September 8, 2014, Danny launched a self-titled channel (Danny Gonzales) on youtube and also posted videos. Danny’s most popular video on youtube is titled “Reacting to My Old Vines. “By 2018 the video had attracted more than 2million views.

Image of Youtube star, Danny Gonzales

Youtube star, Danny Gonzales

Not only is Danny youtube star, but he also commands a large following on other social media handles.  His Twitter account handle has more than 100k followers, while Facebook and Instagram have 22k and 155 thousand followers, respectively.

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Besides social media, Danny Gonzales is also a musician. Some of his hit songs include Beef with me (2017), Spooky Boy (2017), Dab on haters 92018) and Dentro De Mi (2018).

Is Danny Gonzales Married To a Wife?

Danny is young, handsome successful and a star, of course, there are dozens of women dying to have him for themselves. I’m sorry to disappoint you ladies, Danny is already married.

The American YouTuber is married to a pretty wife only identified as Laura. Danny must be very secretive because there are no details of when and where they got married. Neither is it known if they have kids or not.

Image of Danny Gonzales with his wife Laura

Danny Gonzales with his wife, Laura

You can quickly tell that Laura supports her husband’s youtube career, she often appears in his videos. She appears in Danny’s viral video dubbed “Girlfriend Does My Make up.”

Danny Gonzales Net Worth, Merchandise Details.

Being a star on Vine and the huge following that Danny had on the vine, he must have made a fortune there while it lasted. His YouTube channel also makes him a substantial amount. As we understand, Danny is also involved in the music; of course, he earns from it too.

Danny Gonzales net worth is $1 Million in 2019.

Image of Youtuber, Danny Gonzales net worth is $1 million

Youtuber, Danny Gonzales net worth is $1 million

Most of Danny’s income comes from advertisements that are displayed over his videos. That being said, YouTube’s ads are not the only income source for him. Danny Gonzales Merch adds more income in his net worth. He has endorsed many brands in clothing lines and also a watch company. Danny Gonzales Merch includes T-Shirt, Shoes, and Watches.

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How Old Is Danny Gonzales?

YouTuber Danny Gonzales was born on the 12 June 1994 in Illinois Georgia USA. Danny Gonzales is 25years old.

Danny Gonzales Early Life, Wiki, Parents.

YouTuber Danny Gonzales was born in Illinois, Georgia USA on the 12 June I994. Details about where he began school is not known. It’s only known that he started editing videos while in grade seven. He attended a high school in Atlanta and later joined Georgia Institute of Technology where he graduated with a degree in computer science.

Most details about his early life and parents are not known to the public since he prefers to keep them under wraps.

Danny began his online career back in 2013 when he posted his first video on the vine. A year later, in 2014, he joined youtube and opened his channel where he posts videos. He has also collaborated with some of the internet’s best elites such as Thomas Sanders, Big Nick, Brenner Taylor among others.

Apart from youtube, he also has his hand in music and has released several songs.

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