Casey Neistat Net worth. How Much is Casey Neistat Worth in 2019?

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Cassey Neistat is a popular American Youtuber and vlogger. Over the years, the social media star’s channel has grown immensely popular, earning him well over one billion views as of this year. The 38-year-old YouTuber has also appeared in several commercials with prominent brands such as J.Crew and Mercedes Benz. The Channel that propelled him to fame has attracted more than 7 million subscribers to date. Remarkably, the man still somehow found the time to go on and help develop a popular multimedia app. Know Casey Neistat net worth right here.

Who is Casey Neistat? His Career Info.

Casey Neistat is a 38-year-old social media expert from Gales Ferry, Connecticut. The internet star shot into the limelight after launching his channel, CaseyNeistat, in 2010, in February. The first thing he released was a video that focused on trains.

Since then, the Connecticut born YouTuber has gone on to release a plethora of videos, most of which touch on social issues. Some of his videos include The Vice President, Snowboarding with the NYPD. It’s safe to say Large part of Casey Nesitat’s Net worth comes form Net Worth.

Before his YouTube fame, the star, alongside his brother, Van, teamed up with Tom Sachs to make a few short films after the turn of the millennium. 2003 saw him gain recognition after he made a film titled iPod’s Dirty Secret. By this time, the 38-year-old YouTuber was fast becoming a respected filmmaker.

It came as no surprise when he and his brother were brought on to HBO and given their own show, The Neistat Brothers. The series featured eight episodes. Casey has also had a decent career in advertising, having worked with renowned brands such as Finn Jewelry, Mercedes Benz, Google, Nike, Samsung, and J.Crew.

Image of Youtuber, Casey Neistat

Youtuber, Casey Neistat

On the entrepreneurial front, Casey and one of his best friends, Matt Hackett, would launch a video distribution app named Beme on the 17th of July, 2015. A year later and news broke out that the app would be bought out by the global conglomerate, CNN, for a quarter million dollars.

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His exploits don’t end here as the man is also an author and motivational speaker. The 38-year-old Social media star has a host of achievements and accolades to mark his impressive career.

He has won a Day time Emmy Award, the New Media Star Award, the John Cassavetes Award, the Streamy Awards, and also a boasts a YouTuber of the Year award.

Casey Neistat Net worth 2019, $16 Million.

Popular YouTubers reportedly earn around $ 5 dollars per 1000 monetized views. What this means is that the more viewership your channel rakes in, the higher your earning potential grows. The 38-year-old star’s channel has reportedly peaked at well over a billion views. As such, Casey Neistat has an estimated net worth of $ 16 million.

Image of Youtuber, Casey Neistat net worth is $16 million

Youtuber, Casey Neistat net worth is $16 million

Casey Neistat Age, Wiki-bio

Full name Casey Neistat
Age 38 years old.
Date of Birth 25th March 1981
Place of Birth Gales Ferry, Connecticut, USA.
Profession YouTuber, Writer, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Vlogger, Filmmaker.
Net worth $ 16 million.
Wife Candice Pool
Kids 2
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Aries
Parents Barry and Amy Neistat

 YouTuber Casey Neistat was born in Gales Ferry, Connecticut. He is 38 years old and celebrates his birthday on March 25th, 1981. The Youtuber’s parents are Amy and Barry Neistat. Not much else is known about the star’s early life, apart from tidbits we were able to unearth.

For example, you’ll be surprised to learn that the star’s grandmother was a tap dancer who performed for troops during the second world war. Casey also became a father at the young age of seventeen. The man would also go on to have an on and off again relationship with Candice Pool. They would eventually tie the knot by 2013, on the 29th of December. The couple has a daughter together at the moment.

Image of Casey Neistat with his wife Candice Pool

Casey Neistat with his wife Candice Pool

Casey is a jack of all trades. While YouTube is what inevitably brought him fame and $16 Million net worth, the man has also experimented with other ventures. The 38-year-old Social media star is a writer, app developer, motivational speaker, and cinematography. To say that he has succeeded in everything he has done would be understating it. His long list of accolades and achievements speaks volumes.

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