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April Wilkerson Net Worth, Age, Husband, Wiki-Bio.

For the lovers of youtube, especially those who enjoy doing woodworking and metalworking by themselves, then the name April Wilkerson rings a bell in your mind. It has become a common household name to such people.

April Wilkerson is a famous American YouTuber specializing in Do It Yourself (DIY) projects that deal with wood and metal around the home. Know April Wilkerson’s net worth, marriage, and age.

April Is a darling to many; do you wish to know more about her than just her name? Then you are in the right place; this article will dig deeper into April Wilkerson’s life and bring you more personal details about her, such as her youtube and TV career. Also, meet her husband, Cody.

Who Is April Wilkerson? Her Career On YouTube And TV.

April Wilkerson is a gorgeous American you tuber and TV host. Despite being a business management graduate, she graduated in 2012; she does something different from her career line.

April Wilkerson claims to inspire other people who cannot afford something they need to make it at home instead. She specializes in Do It Yourself woodwork and metalwork projects. She records every step she does and posts the videos on youtube.

Note that she did not acquire any training for this, nor did she grow up making things. April started it when she needed some stuff at home but could not afford it. She terms herself as a newbie and teacher who is ready and willing to share her newly acquired skills.

Image of Youtuber, April Wilkerson
Youtuber, April Wilkerson

April Wilkerson only buys new tools when she needs them for a new project. She owns a 3000 square foot workshop where she does all her projects. Most of her projects deal with woodworking, but April sometimes deals with metal and welding. She uses scrap lumber on most of her projects. Sometimes her channels sponsors gift her with tools and equipment to promote her.

When April started making stuff, she started a blog in February 2013 to post written tutorials. The blog inspired her to start making videos, and in 2014, she started making video tutorials, thus opening her youtube channel “Wilker Do’s.” As of February 2022, her channel had garnered over 900 000 followers.

Apart from being a youtube star, April Wilkerson co-hosts the House Hacks TV series with Jared Dostie.

Is April Wilkerson Married To a Husband?

Yes, the pretty American Youtuber is married to a husband known as Cody. April Wilkerson and Husband Cody tied the knot in a colorful wedding. Cody is an engineering degree holder. According to April, Cody is someone who “knows a lot about a lot,” he prefers to use a motor and lots of horsepower while working on things.

It seems the lovely couple is not planning to have kids soon if April’s statement “we won’t have kids for another few years” is anything to go by.

April Wilkerson Net Worth, How Much Does April Wilkerson Make

Having a YouTube channel that commands such a vast following means making some good cash. Remember, April also makes some money from hosting the House Hacks TV Series. If you combine the two, we can say that April Wilkerson makes a good earning. April Wilkerson’s net worth as of February 2023 is  $1 million.

April Wilkerson Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki [Updated 2022]

April’s exact amount from hosting the house hacks TV series is not known.

How Old Is April Wilkerson? Her Age and Birth Date

There are not many details about April Wilkerson’s early life, her parents, or the exact date she was born. The only point is that she was born in 1987 in Texas. April Wilkerson is 36 years old.

April Wilkerson’s Wiki Bio.

April Wilkerson is an American you tuber. The 36-year-old was born and bred in the coastal part of Texas, USA. Currently, she is residing in Texas Hills. There are no details about her parents or where she went to school in the public domain. All that is known is April graduated in 2012 with a degree in Business Management.

After her graduation, April Wilkerson started working on improving her house. This was inspired by the fact that she could not afford everything she needed, so she opted to make them herself instead.

In 2013 she started a blog where she described making things like a coffee table porch, planter, and others. A year later, the blog led her to start a youtube channel, Wilker Do’s, where she posts video tutorials. Wilker Do’s has gained popularity and currently has a following of over 900,000.

Apart from being a youtube star, April Wilkerson is also a TV host. She hosts the House Hacks TV series alongside Jared Dostie.

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