Anthony Padilla Net Worth 2020, Age.

anthony padilla net worth

According to ‘Celebrity Net Worth magazine,’ Anthony Padilla’s net worth is estimated to be 3 million USD. However, other sources show a higher value of between 8 and 15 million USD. He earned a decent salary from Smosh when it was still under the management of Defy Media, even though he hated working with the company.

He is known to be very creative and talented and has done a lot of content that has cumulatively generated a good amount of money. After leaving Smosh, he sold all his rights, and that also boosted his net worth wholesomely.

Besides creating content, he also sells branded merchandise, which includes T-shirts and caps with his signature written on them. He also does product promotion; with his numbers on YouTube, one has to dig a big hole in their pockets to get their product name mentioned in his show.

Anthony Padilla’s net worth is set to rise; he is producing unique content that attracts views, yet to yield many results soon. We will keep on updating you on his numbers.

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Anthony Padilla’s House and Cars.

Anthony has a house that provides shelter for his girlfriend and himself. There are no fine details about the house for security reasons. Formerly, he co-owned a house in Sacramento that was a known location for most Smosh shoots.

The house had enough rooms for the two men. Anthony only moved out when he fell in love. The exact value of the home is unknown, but it is believed that its worth was more than 5 million.

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Anthony cannot be described as a car maniac. At one time, he smashed his car and shared the whole experience with the viewers. However, he still owns some very classic vehicles.

His long time ride is a Chevrolet Volt. In the past, he owned a 2007 Scion TC, and his very first ride was the 1989 Ford Probe, which he bought when he was 16 (allegedly).

32 Years old Anthony Padilla was born on 16th, 1987 in California.

Anthony was born on 16th September 1987 in Sacramento, California, USA. This is where he spent his childhood. He is currently 32 years old, looking forward to blowing thirty-three candles come September 2020. His birth sign is Virgo.

Anthony and Ian started Smosh, a comedy channel in November 2005, as in August 2020, it has up to 9.5 billion views with 25.1 million subscribers. To date, the channel is one of the biggest comedy sites in YouTube.

However, Anthony left Smosh to start operating as an independent content producer in June 2017. Currently, his channel, under his name, has 4.57 million subscribers with close to 262 million views.

Height, measurements, and weight.

Anthony has a well built and fit athletic body shape. He stands at 5 feet, 11 inches tall, and weighs around 68 kilograms. Other measurements like shoes, size, and waist are, however, unknown.

The reason why he left Smosh.

Two captains cannot sail one ship simultaneously, and one has to leave the deck. Anthony and Ian started working together in humble beginnings in 2003 when they began Smosh. Things started falling apart after lading a big contract with Defy Media in 2011.

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They were presented with an irresistible package, but the working environment was not conducive. So Anthony left to start working on his own, an independent content creator.

Smosh later parted ways with Defy Media in 2017, after failing to keep their promise of making it public. We can conclude that Anthony was finally vindicated for quitting. He is doing way too well today.


  1. Anthony’s full name is Anthony Daniel Padilla. His parents’ names were Leezah and Dan Padilla; however, they divorced when Anthony was seven years old.
  2. His mother suffered a terminal condition termed as agoraphobia and was mostly home nursed.
  3. Anthony has two known siblings named Mathew and Brandon.
  4. Youtuber Anthony Padilla is an American nationality and is of white ethnicity.
  5. Anthony has suffered from several health problems. He had dental complications that caused him to sleep with a mouthguard lest he grinds his teeth. He was also diagnosed with Henoch-Schonlein Purpura (HSP) when he was 15 and was nursed at home for four months. It was at that state that he learned the skills of interacting with people, and that’s how the idea about Smosh came about.
  6. He has also suffered from anxiety, which he has tried to overcome through practice and to eat a proper diet. Padilla used to play tennis in high school but gave up that dream after his chin was smashed by the ball, which resulted in him losing one tooth.
  7. Anthony won the Steamy award in 2014. Has co-authored four (there could be more) books that can be found in Amazon.
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Wiki and Facts.

Over the years, Anthony has defied some of the hugest odds in his life to be one of the most successful celebrities in YouTube. In this article, we will focus on his personal life, past and present relationships, facts, and rumors about him.

Full name Anthony Daniel Padilla
Age 32 Years old
Date of Birth 16th September 1987
Place of Birth Sacramento, California, USA
Profession YouTuber
Net worth 3 million USD
Wife N/A
Kids N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Parents Leezah and Dan Padilla

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