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Anthony Padilla is dating Wife-to-be Girlfriend Mykie. Gay Rumors.

Image of Who is Anthony Padilla Wife. His Net Worth, Age and Gay Rumors.

Anthony Padilla is a 36-year-old American YouTube celebrity and comedian. He is famous for being a former member of Smosh, a well-known YouTube channel he started together with his childhood best friend, Ian Hecox.

Anthony Padilla is not married Yet, but dating a Wife-to-be Girlfriend, Mykie.

Anthony has a very successful life online, and he tried to be the same in his personal life. He did not have the best foundation of the relationship between a wife and a woman. This was because of his divorced parents, and his mother and maternal grandparents raised him.

Still, he has wanted someone to be his wife and maybe rewrite history by having a successful marriage life.

So far, by the signs and signals he has openly shared in the recent past, we can arguably say that this dream is on course.

Anthony Padilla probably will soon have someone he can call his wife. In the public domain, Anthony is in an open relationship with makeup artist and YouTube star Mykie.

The two started seeing each other privately for five months before coming out to declare their relationship in September 2019. Mykie real name is Lauren Mychal.

The chemistry between the two is powerful; they are very affectionate and are not scared to display their love publicly, even to the extent of sharing a kiss on a live camera.

Image of Anthony Padilla with his girlfriend Mykie

Caption: Anthony Padilla with his girlfriend Mykie

Ten months later, the two are still boyfriend and girlfriends, but it looks very promising, according to their posts on social media. Mykie is a 34 year-old makeup artist born and raised in Philadelphia.

She is famous for her YouTube channel, ‘Glam and Gore’, where she demonstrates her creepy artistic works. Anthony has become a frequent visitor on this channel.

If their posts accurately depict their private lives, we can undoubtedly say that Anthony has a potential wife waiting. All we can do right now is just wait for the big announcement and wish them happy ever after.

He was in a controversial relationship with his ex-girlfriend Kalel Smith.

Records have it that Anthony first dated a fellow YouTuber named Kalel Cullen Smith. Their relationship was between 2013 and 2014.

It was not the best relationship any of the two intended to be in. The two used online platforms to settle scores, Anthony calling Kalel a wrong decision and all sorts of unkind words while she played defensive. It was not a bed of roses, but this was private until the two parted ways, and then things started to crumble.

To this date, it is believed that it was due to issues of mental uprightness that caused the two to split. The real facts are with them.

Image of Anthony Padilla with his ex-girlfriend Kalel Smith

Caption: Anthony Padilla with his ex-girlfriend Kalel Smith

After their breakup with Kalel, Anthony was in a relationship with Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram in sometime in 2015, though less is shared about it, and was also linked with another lady named Miel Bredow. Miel was his date from 2015 to 2019, after which he met his current damsel, Mykie.

Kalel Smith is a 35-year-old American YouTube celebrity from California. Not much information about Anthony Padilla’s ex-girlfriend Kalel Smith’s personal life is known.

Is Anthony Padilla gay? Padilla has hosted a wide range of guests in his channel, ‘I spent a day with MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES’ celebrities and gays. 

Anthony is a celebrity who is very open about his sexuality. He is also known to be a free thinker and a people person.

But the fact is, his work and personal life are different things, and then he has made that clear by being open about his love life. Well, some may argue that he does that for clout.

That’s how he earns, as long it works for him, it should be the least of anyone’s concern. To answer the question, it’s a NO; Anthony is straight and has not been linked to any gay either yesterday or today.

He made a video explaining his sexuality.

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