Are Anthony Fantano and Wife Dominique Boxley Still Married?

Dominique Boxley is a year old American celebrity wife. She is famous for being married to Antony Fantano, the popular music critic, YouTuber, and journalist. This marriage has faced its share of controversies from the online media. There have been allegations of the two no longer being together, and some even pointed out that they had divorced. However, two years ago, in a podcast recording, the two laid down facts about their relationship for the public and posted the video on YouTube.

In a one and half hours of talk about the top twenty love song for 2018 Valentine’s Day, in between the music review, lies fundamental info about the status of their relationship. You don’t have to look for the video, we have done the job for you, just read this article and be in the know.

Anthony Fantano is still married to wife Dominique Boxley.

Rumors have it that the marriage between Anthony Fantano and wife Dominique Boxley ended more than five years ago. This has turned out to be system-generated information. This came about after his wife disappeared from his YouTube channel after several years, and the two did a few videos together in the early stages of their marriage.

This was way before Antony received much recognition for his work online. As his fame increased, they decided to enhance their privacy simultaneously.

Image of Anthony Fantano with his wife Dominique Boxler
Caption: Anthony Fantano with his wife Dominique Boxley

Anthony is a celebrity with massive following online, and any unwatched statement from him can be the start of a rumor. He may have shared his opinion about men’s rights in marriage and gave out confusing comments about his love life, but he came out that all that had nothing to do with his marriage.

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If having a wedding ring on the right finger is anything to go with, then it is evident that he is still married. Up to the latest video on ‘The Needle Drop’ posted a week ago, he still had his wedding ring.

Image of Anthony Fantano wedding ring
Caption: Anthony Fantano wedding ring

Also, in the podcast posted on 14th February 2018, Antony introduces Dominique Boxley as his lovely wife. After being welcomed back after several years of not being seen, she starts the conversation about their divorce rumor.

The couple handles the issue with sarcasm, throwing funny comments and laughing about it. They pointed out clearly that it was they had a mutual agreement of taking their marriage off camera.

From the conversation, it is evident that the two have become more mature, and the bond between them has gotten stronger. They close the topic by making a joke that if their fans want a vlog, then they have to promise to pay them 40,000 dollars a month, without which, it will take time for her to appear in any of his videos.

How did they meet?

Anthony Fantano and Dominique Boxley met online. That was an exciting discovery. They have not mentioned the specific social media they used, but they had a good conversation because they were both passionate about music.

The communication advanced, and they organized their first person to person meeting, Dominique Boxley was nervous, and Anthony was late according to the schedule. She accused him of standing her up. Ladies prefer being waited for, she waited for 30 minutes, and she did not like it. There was a miscommunication between that caused that.

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These events can be dated back to mid-2000 when Anthony worked as a studio director for Southern Connecticut State University.

They had their first carefree moment when they went to Las Vegas. Possessed by the Vegas spirits, they got into gambling, making up to 300 dollars, which they went ahead and lost in betting.

Anthony and wife Dominique Boxley had a very Private Wedding.

There are no fine details about their wedding, including the dates and locations. However, the two got married in late 2000, around 2008. According to the podcast video posted in early 2018, they were talking about ten years of marriage.

They took their first road trip to Hersey, Pennsylvania, and this was the first time they had time together from their busy schedule. We can assume this was their honeymoon.

They had a pretty hard start in their marriage. There were family health problems and financial constraints. The couple could not afford to rent an apartment of their desire.

They could not get a perfect shelter in New England. Their financial capability by then could only sustain ‘old and scary places’ or incomplete buildings. Through hard work, the couple now lives a lavish life in Middletown, Connecticut.

Anthony Fantano and Wife Dominique Boxley Children?

From the rumors about the two going separate ways, there was also one more rumor that has not been clarified by the couple. The story had it that Dominique was pregnant birth in the process of divorce and gave birth after they split.

She gave birth to a baby boy, and the two were co-parenting. However, after clarifying the allegations about their divorce, we tend to doubt the facts in this other story. But the fact that the Fantano and wife Dominique Boxley has not talked about it sparks our curiosity, and it may be right.

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They have been together for more than a decade now, and there could be more than one child in that family. According to some fans comment son his video, Dominique is a mother of 7 children.

Love for Music and Movies.

The two have an absolute love for art. They loved music when they were still young. We were able to determine Dominque’s age by using a hint she gave.

The song ‘Sensitivity’ by Ralph Tresvant was released in 1990, she was five by then and can still remember the song. They both have a good taste of music, but its more of Antony’s specialty because Dominique is so much into movies, more so sci-fi.

Dominique Boxley’s Wiki and Facts

Full name Dominique B. Boxley
Age 35 Years old
Date of Birth N/A
Place of Birth N/A
Profession Celebrity Wife
Net worth N/A
Wife Anthony Fantano
Kids N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Zodiac Sign N/A
Parents N/A

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