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Andrew Huang is Married to wife Essa, and he is not gay. Also, Know His Net Worth.

Image of Andrew Huang is Married to wife Essa, and he is not gay.

Andrew Huang is a YouTube artist whose work goes way beyond his time. He’s one of those underappreciated musicians whom you’ll probably never come across unless you look hard.

Moreover, he is well-rounded in editing and makes videos on just about anything. Check Andrew Huang’s Net worth here.

His videos primarily focus on different aspects of music but sometimes cover simple life hacks and how-tos. However, the artist has been the subject of many bad reps and gay rumours. We’re here to shed light on Andrew Huang’s married life with his wife, Essa.

Who is Andrew Huang? His Career Info.

The world first met Huang back on September 7th, 2007, when he uploaded his first YouTube video titled, The Touchtone Genius. Sadly, we weren’t ready for his work, prompting him to take a hiatus and return two years later, on August 24th, 2009, when he released his second video.

Initially, Huang’s audience was more tailored to personal needs. He would often write and record songs then sell them to the wealthiest bidder on eBay. We admit it was a little unorthodox, but it did help pay the bills.

Image of Musician, Andrew Huang

Musician, Andrew Huang

Back to YouTube, he started a ‘Song Challenge’ series where fans would dare him to make music based on precise specifications. Additionally, he capitalized on the idea and opened up a website, Songs To Wear Pants To, which is still operational today. You will find, download, comment, or even buy some of his music from there.

So far, so good, as he has released over 50 albums of original music. Mind you, he also has several song covers and collaborations with tons of artists alike.

As a result, his prominence in most genres got him a deal with YouTube’s network, Fullscreen.

Andrew Huang Net Worth in 2023

Andrew Huang’s current net worth is $1 million. Nevertheless, it’s without a doubt that most of his income comes from his versatility. The Toronto-based musician self-imposes absurd limitations on music and surpasses expectations by a mile in different genres.

As we speak, he has over 2000 songs in hip hop, electronica, folk, rock, heavy metals, and even classical works. Similarly, his most famous track is Vass Tunga, which he raps in five different languages.

Others include Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows, 99 Red Balloons, and cover songs like Can’t Feel My Face.

Image of Youtuber, Andrew Huang net worth is currently not available

Youtuber Andrew Huang net worth is currently not available

Additionally, Andrew derives his net value from album sales, singles, EP’s, and collaborations. Emily Haines, Brent Petrie, and Rob Scallon are just a few talented artists he has worked with in the past years.

Lastly, the versatile artist wrote and composed the WWF’s official anthem for Earth Hour.

Andrew Huang is married to a wife and is not Gay.

The Toronto-based rapper and video producer got a lot of criticism for his style of music. Moreover, he only made the situation worse when he chose privacy in his personal life.

Consequently, others even went as far as calling Andrew Huang gay on Twitter.

Image of Andrew Huang with his wife Essa

Andrew Huang with his wife, Essa

Nonetheless, the truth is that he is married to a woman named Esther (Essa) Bowser. We know this because he makes some hearty posts about their life in Toronto on the platform. Moreover, she has appeared in the studio in a few of his videos.

Andrew Huang’s wife Essa Bowser is a more behind-the-scenes kind of girl as we are missing details on her career. Nonetheless, we know she manages her husband’s business from his website.

Moreover, she also helps with songwriting in the song Ma Bicyclette (Uphill Remix). Andrew Huang and his Wife Essa Bowser do not have any kids.

Andrew Huang, Age, Family, Birthdate, Wiki-bio, and Facts.

Real name Andrew Huang
Age 39 years old
Date of Birth April 8th, 1984
Place of Birth Ottawa, Ontario
Profession Musician, Video producer, YouTuber
Net worth $1 million
Wife Esther Bowser
Kids None
Height Unknown
Weight Undisclosed
Zodiac Sign Aries

Huang is a Canadian by birth in Ottawa, Ontario, on April 8th, 1984. After growing up in the same town, he enrolled for a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at York University and specialized in music.

Other than that, his Wiki-bio is devoid of any facts on his early life or family. In summary, the versatile musician is currently 39 years of age with a subscriber count of 1.7 million on YouTube.

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