Adore Delano Net Worth, Age. How Much is Adore Delano Worth in 2019?

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Well, if you are a music lover and enjoy different genres of music, then the name Adore Delano must be quite familiar. She is of an American nationality, but with a Mexican origin and specializes in drag music. Despite being better known as Adore Delano on stage, her real name is Daniel Anthony “Danny” Noriega. Later we’ll tell you about Adore Delano’s Net Worth.

Adore is also a songwriter and a TV personality.  She hit the TV screens way back in 2008 when she participated in season seven of the singing reality show dubbed American Idol.  Adore is also a RuPaul’s drag race sensation. She participated in its sixth season before releasing a studio album, ‘Till Death Do Us Party’ in 2014.

Though biologically male, the star has branded himself as a female in his music career. This is quite an interesting phenomenon for the very reason that we have two people in one: Adore Delano, the drag personality and the male Danny Noriega.

Adore Delano Net worth in 2019

Being a drag music star and a high caliber celebrity, some things are naturally expected of Adore. For instance, her rich lifestyle.  She isn’t the shy type and doesn’t hide her taste for a mega lifestyle on social media.

Image of Drag Queen, Adore Delano net worth is $2 million

Drag Queen, Adore Delano net worth is $2 million

Adore Delano has a net worth of $ 2 million.

The singing sensation once talked about her proclivity for high-end cars on social media, adoring the Lamborghini and Ferrari in particular. Her lavish lifestyle also includes a penthouse in California. This is no mean feat for a non-binary persona who had to suffer identity issues and criticisms from other drag queen personalities in the industry.

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Adore Delano’s education and Career that gave her $2 Million Net Worth.

Adore schooled at Sierra High School. Apart from her high school education, other information about her education history remains shrouded in mystery. Adore’s music career took an unprecedented turn when she earned a ticket to participate in American Idol, a renowned music competition where stars are born.

Lucky for her, she made it to the semi-finals of the competition. At this point, the singing contest was in its seventh season. After the singer’s outstanding performance, she got invitations to perform from virtually every quarter.

Rossie O’Donnell invited her to perform at her family’s vacations cruise. Her other performance was on a talk show after receiving an invitation from Ellen DeGeneres herself. This was to be the beginning of a long music career that would take different shifts and turns.

The musician ventured into YouTube where she released a video, performing alongside her sister. From there on, she joined RuPaul’s Drag Race after being inspired by a contestant named Raven. Despite it being her first time in a drag race, the talented star emerged as the winner.

Image of TV Personality, Adore Delano

TV Personality, Adore Delano

After competing on the sixth season of RuPaul’s Drag race on the December of 2013, Adore finished as a joint runner-up to the winner of the contest, Bianca Del Rio. This was remarkable, considering that she had competed against fourteen other drag queens.

It was from season six of RuPaul’s drag race that Adore Delano released her debut album, Till Death Do Us Party. On May of 2014, she released a single ‘DTF,’ and it was later released as a full movie on June 3rd, 2014.  Other series of albums she released after that include: After Party, Dynamite and Take Me There, all dropping in 2016.

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Adore Delano also took part in ALL- stars, season two of RuPaul’s drag competition before exiting the show in its second season.

Adore Delano age, height and family

Now that you know about Adore Delano’s Net Worth, it’s time we tell you about her Age.

Adore Delano was born on the 29th of September 1989. This makes her at 29 years old presently. Her hometown is Azusa, California where she still has strong attachments to. According to her inner circle, the star is remarkably down to earth, despite her love for sleek machines. Not much can be said of Adore’s family. The singer has two older brothers and sisters putting her at a distant fifth. Adore Delano stands at 1.73 meters tall.

Image of Adore Delano height is 5 feet 8 inches

Adore Delano height is 5 feet 8 inches

Her parents’ names are not in the public domain but at age 12, the young Adore boldly came out of the closet, claiming she was non-binary. Given that the star doesn’t identify with any gender, she dismissed it as a creation that was meant to categorize people.

Facts about Adore Delano

Full Name Adore Delano
Birth name Daniel Anthony Noriega
Date of birth September 29, 1989
Birthplace Azusa, California
Age 29
Nationality Mexican-American
Occupation Drag queen, Singer, Songwriter, Actor
Years active 2008 – Present
Education Sierra High School
Height 5 feet 8inches
Weight 60kg

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