Adam Saleh Net Worth 2020, Age, Height, Wife, Family

Adam Saleh is one of the most influential personalities on Youtube. He recently celebrated his sixth anniversary in the industry. His career has experienced several twists and turns. Presently, it’s on the upward trajectory, as the YouTuber has amassed well over 4 million + subscribers on his channel. So, with such subscribers base, how much money does Adam make? Read this to know Adam Saleh Net Worth.

The content maker has uploaded over 300 videos since the start of his career. Being a multi-talented person, he has also done world tours in places such as Dubai. While there, he performed a “rap song.”  He has also featured on movies like the American Sharia and made guest appearances on many reality shows like the Ellen show.

Image of Adam Saleh from American Sharia movie

Adam Saleh from American Sharia movie

Adam Saleh Net Worth: $3 Millionne.

He has two YouTube channels, one for prank videos with over a million subscribers and a vlog channel with close to 5 million subscribers.

The prank channel has around 220 million, which is approximately 70,000 views per day and earns him close to 300 dollars per day, that’s more than $100,000 annual gross pay. His other channel for vlog has 1.5 billion views, in monetary terms, which is about $600,000 annual gross pay.

After calculation and deduction by YouTube and paying a levy for the government, Adam still turns out to be a millionaire. As the figures in his channels increases, his net worth will also be increasing.

On 18th January 2020, Adam posted a video of him hitting the road with his brother, who, in the long run, gave him a brand new car, Audi Q5. According to the video, Adam now owns a car.

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However, this is not the first time he has posted such a video in his channel, in 2018, he posted a clip of him being pranked by his family that they bought him a brand new Tesla, his dream car. He may have acquired a driving license and now own a vehicle.

Adam is also a musician. He has made several kinds of music that he has posted on his VEVO channel. This has also earned him the right amount of money. He does not do endorsements.

Instead, he does charity events to raise funds for his home country, Yemen. In his Instagram account, where he has 1.5million followers, several posts of him are doing boxing for fundraising.

Adam bought a home in New York worth $725,000. This is where he lives with his large family comprising of his father, brothers, and cousins. As of 2020, Adam Saleh’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million.

Image of Youtuber, Adam Saleh net worth is $3 million

Youtuber, Adam Saleh net worth is $3 million

Adam Saleh Married to wife Or Dating a Girlfriend? Relationship details and family

Adam Saleh’s relationship status is not known as his life is very confidential. Back in 2018, he went to Twitter to say that he was afraid to be in a relationship. This tweet proves that he is single. A few weeks later, the YouTuber took to his channel to explain his reasons for not being in a relationship. Adam said that he was afraid of getting his heartbroken.

Image of Actor, Adam Saleh is currently single

Actor, Adam Saleh is currently single

Saleh added that getting his heart broken was something that would take time to heal. He also added that despite not wanting to be in a relationship, he does not want to stay single for long. Adam told his audience jokingly that he wants 13 children, a large family as I would put it.

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All in all, the star is said to have two children. It is not clearly known whether they were adopted or from a previous relationship. Their names are Saddie and Sunny. They also feature in his vlogs, despite their young age.

The YouTuber has five siblings whose names are not known. He has a younger brother whom he features on his channel regularly.

UPDATE: As of 2020 YouTuber Adam Salah is still single. He recently posted on twitter and I quote,

“I’m not looking for a girlfriend, I’m looking for a wife”

Many fangirls have commented on his post and asked him to marry them. Let us wait and see if Saleh chooses any fans from the comment.

Age, Height, and wiki-bio

Adam Mohsin Yehya Saleh was born on 4th June 1993 in New York. He stands at 1.7 meters in height. The popular YouTuber was raised in a family that descended from the Yemeni.

Image of Adam Saleh height is 5 feet 6 inches

Adam Saleh height is 5 feet 6 inches

Roots of the star’s education can be traced to when he went to college to pursue law and criminology. Adam’s father is Mohsin Saleh. The old man is 67 years old presently.

Image of Adam Saleh with his father Mohsin Saleh

Adam Saleh with his father, Mohsin Saleh

YouTuber Adam Saleh’s mother’s name is Judy.

Adam Saleh began working as a Youtuber back in 2011. He used to take videos from his phone and upload them on his YouTube channel. In 2012, the content maker bought himself a camera. By doing so, the YouTuber improved the quality of his videos and this helped build the channel he runs. In an interview, he said that if he hadn’t become a YouTuber, he would have been a lawyer.

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The famous content maker gained interest in issues relating to racial profiling, a disgraceful thing he hates. His channel has gained over 400 million views on YouTube within a few years. In his videos, he closely works with two of his best friends. Their names are Abdullah Ghuman and Sheikh Akbar.

His content conveys the true picture of discrimination. He has landed in hot water a couple of times with the authorities. One time, the star made a video that went viral and the city council asked him to apologize. They said that Adam was seeking to gain fame by highlighting the struggles that the Muslim community goes through.

The committee said he was painting a bad picture. That, however, did not stop him. Adam Saleh has never given up on fighting for other people’s rights in general. The YouTuber’s family fully supports him in his fights for social injustices.

Wiki Bio.

Date of birth 4th June 1993
Age 26
Nationality Yemen
Occupation Vlogger
Years active 6
Marital status single
Dating single
Gay unknown
Net worth $3 million
Education John Jay College of criminal justice
Height 1.7M
Siblings 1

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